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The 6 street town of Haidian, Beijing has achieved the key to "dynamic clearing" and "five keys" in the private area.

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Lack of property management of old communities, parking spaces were scarce, and foreign vehicles at random to park, in order to grab parking spaces, residents have privately locked. Such a "ground lock" has been a test of the wisdom of urban management.

Through the residents' work, the workers successfully dismantled the lock of Zizhu village.

Since April 11th, Haidian District has sounded the charge of "clear lock action". As of May 9th, the district has cleaned up 3829 private locks and 6 piles, and the 6 Street towns such as North Taiping Street, North Shimonoseki street and Haidian town have realized the "dynamic clearing" of the private locker in the area. In the area, not only did we break the lock, but also we managed to open the ground lock with the "five keys" in the "rule" and "management", and also unlocked the "heart lock" of the masses.

Propaganda and launching the lock of "conflicting ideas"

"Be careful, slow down!" Yesterday morning, under the command of Zizhu Street's urban management and law enforcement officers, a small truck slowly pulled out from the ten yard of West Street, factory, and some old locks were on the truck. At this point, many years in the building courtyard lock road problem has been solved.

"Mobilization and publicity work in the early stage is very important." Wang Jiefeng, deputy chief of the Zizhu street urban management section, said that it takes only a few minutes to dismantle a ground lock. However, the demolition of the ground can be accepted by residents, which is inseparable from a lot of preliminary work. Those persuasive persuasion sometimes takes one day or even a week.

In front of a residential building in front of the residential area, two green spaces were hardened by cement, and the ground was locked. The neighborhood streets, urban management and property have been persuaded for several weeks, and it has been used for a week. At last, the knot of the residents has been untied. The hardened cement pavement has been chipped for many years, and after the replanting, the green appearance in front of the building is repeated. This is the earliest ground lock in the district since April.

"Chen you do not worry, after the dismantling of the lock, the street will definitely stop your home in the end, never make you difficult; King brother, private lock is illegal behavior, now the demolition of the lock is the trend, you are the people of our community praise the old people, more should take the lead in compliance with the law, you say?" In order to dismantle more than 40 locks in the District, the Chengguan team members of Zizhu street law enforcement team used the residents' hours after work to go from door to door to mobilize.

Similar examples are common in Haidian District's land lock management. The law enforcement officers of the Haidian District municipal law enforcement and Supervision Bureau have introduced sufficient propaganda work in the early stage to dispel the ideological concerns of the masses and eliminate the herd mentality of "watching each other and blindly comparing each other", which not only guarantees the effectiveness of "clear lock action" but also avoids intensifying contradictions.

Party members understand the lock of "wait-and-see question"

Tian Cun road street is a representative of early and vigorous efforts to control private loading. Since 2018, more than 600 locking piles have been demolished. This year, in the operation of the private District lock operation initiated by the district administration and law enforcement supervision bureau, the road of Tian Cun road extends from the community to the public area outside the community. At the beginning of the special action, Tamura Ji street was also faced with many sharp contradictions. The party members and cadres in the street played a typical exemplary role and made a good start.

The first community of Fuxin Road, Tian Cun road, is an old estate without property management. It is not easy to solve the problem of ground locks here. Chen, director of the community, said: "in the past, due to the disorder of external vehicles, coupled with the tension of the internal parking spaces, more than 200 locks were installed in the district. Residents often have contradictions because of parking spaces and blocking roads. Having lived here for many years, many households have personally realized the inconvenience brought by private locks to travel and environment, but when it comes to dismantling the ground locks, the residents will still have some concerns.

In order to solve the problem of plot lock, in the two months, Hu Jingyu, Zhang Yongwang two urban management staff and community neighborhood committee staff came to the community 6 times. They went from door to door to carry out propaganda and touch work. In the end, the total number of vehicle owners in the district was determined, and the residents' concerns about the dismantling of the lock were also known.

Sun Baoning, the captain of the town management and law enforcement team of the Tsuen street street, said that according to the relevant data obtained in the earlier stage and the total number of parking lots in the District, the urban management law enforcement team and the community developed the general plan for removing the ground lock and introducing the parking management company.

The plan is available, but if we want to implement it smoothly, we can not do without the understanding and support of residents. Resident Zhang grandmother was over eight days old. For the convenience of children coming back to visit, she installed a ground lock in the district. This time, I heard that the community and city management had to solve the problem of ground locks. As an old Party member, grandma Zhang took the initiative to come forward and offered to take the lead in demolishing her own ground locks. "We did not believe that the problem of ground locks could be harnessing. Everyone was dragging along. Now the party members in the community are taking the lead. Everyone has followed the demolition of their own locks." Residents of Mr. Liu sigh, only two months, the environment of the community has undergone tremendous changes, everyone looked happy.

Technical support to solve the "removal of difficulties" lock

In the 34 yard of East Jiaotong Road, Xiaguan street, there are more than 70 kinds of ground locks installed on the narrow roads. How to solve the dilemmas of ground locks? "On the one hand, we mobilize the strength of the masses to allow themselves to remove the ground locks," said Niu Zhong, captain of the urban management and law enforcement team of North Shimonoseki street. On the other hand, we adopt professional technology, which can improve the efficiency of demolition, do not destroy the ground, and ensure that the "clear lock operation" does not leave a dead corner.

Niu Zhong said that before the start of the "lock operation", the urban management and law enforcement team communicated with the property rights units and the neighborhood committees on several occasions to understand the needs of the residents, publicize policies and regulations to residents, and guide residents to remove the locks themselves. After repeated persuasion, many residents realized that the installation of ground locks was an act of encroachment on public resources of property, and the attitude changed from conflict to support.

"My son has gone on a tour, and the key has been taken away. The ground lock is under the vehicle. What can I do?" The community's "clearance operation" started the day, and residents Aunt Li found it difficult. Seeing that the neighbors had to demolish the ground locks themselves, Aunt Li did not want to "drag their legs". How could they remove the ground locks under the vehicle?

"Nothing, aunt. We will help you solve this problem. " The members of the urban management and law enforcement team took out the vehicle shifter, first placed the car in aunt Lee's family for four rounds, and then slowly lifted it. Only a few minutes later, the car on the ground was easily removed.

After the vehicle was removed, the workers began to dismantle the ground lock. In order to minimize the impact of the construction process on the residents, the ground locks were removed by manual construction, and the workers were screwed by screws and screws to remove the ground locks one by one.

"With residents' support and technical support, we have demolished the more than 70 ground locks of No. 34 Hospital of Jiaotong East Road in just over one hour." Niu said that after the demolition of the ground lock, the street and the property company on the scene of the community parking spaces to re spray, standardize parking order.

Optimizing management to solve the "hidden danger" lock

The members of the law enforcement team removed the ground lock, and the rear foot was secretly installed by residents. Parking space is limited and parking is difficult, which is the root cause of the ground lock problem. In the 43 yard of Xizhimen North Street, North Taiping Street, the community skillfully used the key of "optimization management" to solve the problem of "ground lock".

Yesterday, the reporter came to Xizhimen North Street 43 hospital, the original gate of the block gate has been re activated. If the foreign vehicle wants to enter the residential area, it must first register the address, telephone number and parking time. In the District, the ground locks that had been scattered in every corner of the residential area had disappeared. Parking spaces between buildings 3 and 4, residents' vehicles are orderly parked in parking spaces.

Era light community residential committee director An Hongli introduced, Xizhimen North Street 43 hospital area for the property unit self management property, because the neighborhood is close to Beijing North Railway Station, subway station and many office buildings, social vehicles "invasion", so that the district can not afford heavy parking load capacity increase. A month ago, the street city management and law enforcement team cleaned up the more than 200 locks in the district. In order to do a good job of follow-up management, the streets actively coordinate the community, property and property owners, and introduce professional parking management companies with parking management qualification and experience.

After the parking management company was stationed, it first coordinated with the urban management and law enforcement team to clean up more than 130 foreign vehicles, zombie cars and non motorized vehicles parked in the parking spaces, and further release the parking resources. At the same time, the district vehicle information registration is carried out, and temporary parking permits are issued for residents of "five cards in one". The gate gate is also installed at the gate of the community gate, which is on duty for 24 hours by the gate guard. At present, a total of 220 vehicles with five cards in one vehicle have been registered in the District, and more than 230 parking lots in the district can basically meet the parking demand of residents.

Dismantling the ground lock is "temporary solution", and tamping down the parking management is the "permanent cure". In view of the parking management problem after the demolition of the ground locks, the North Taiping Street implemented a "free heart" project, which classified and guided different types of old communities to enhance parking management services. In view of the community without property management, the quasi Property Management Company should be introduced; the community with Property Management Company or property right parking management is not in place, and professional parking management companies should be introduced; the mixed type community will form the co governance pattern of property companies, property rights units and residents through giving play to the role of the party building coordination committee, the residents' consultation conference and the district responsibility planner.

Space to solve the "supply and demand contradiction" lock

The key to solve the problem is to solve the core contradiction of "contradiction between supply and demand". To this end, Haidian District has made great efforts to focus on the regulation of privately locked piles and locks, and to make use of the existing conditions and control the vacant space, actively improve the parking facilities construction, and maximize the development of parking resources to meet the needs of residents.

It is understood that at present, the North Taiping Street has completed the preliminary plan design, public opinion survey and surrounding research work, and selected three parking lots in the southern part of Wen Hui Yuan South Road, the east side of the West Road, and the north side of the commercial building in the north of the city of Ji men Li, and plans to carry out the parking management on the side of the road on the 10 roads such as Lian Hui Road. It is estimated that 363 residential parking spaces can be allocated, giving priority to the supply of the old communities.

A total of 1327 parking spaces were added to the streets of Xisanqi. Through the comprehensive improvement of key areas, 447 additional parking spaces were built in Yongtai Xili and Yongtai Dongli communities. The east side of the east side of the Qing Dynasty was demolished and the temporary parking lots were increased by nearly 200. It encouraged the regional enterprises to build three dimensional parking lots for 425 in Xisanqi intelligent manufacturing base, and encouraged social units and enterprises to come up with their own parking lots. The parking time was increased by 255 at the wrong time.

There were only 93 parking lots in the Han Rong residential area in Zhongguancun. In Zhongguancun District, a 40 square meter illegal construction shed was demolished in the district. A three dimensional parking lot was built with the use of illegal parking spaces and 6 surrounding flat parking spaces. 42 new parking spaces were built.

Li Senlin, deputy director of the Haidian District urban management and law enforcement supervision bureau, said that the next step is to plan the fixed parking spaces and provide parking services according to the wishes of the community owners. In view of the characteristics of the small and large households in the old communities, we should choose the suitable locations for the traffic order in the surrounding communities, draw temporary parking spaces, supplement the parking resources of the districts, and use the land resources such as dismantling and dismantling the land, dismantling the ground locks, and releasing the space, so as to build a three dimensional parking lot and push forward the long-term management of the parking lot in Haidian District.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu, Zhu Yingshuo, Jing Yiming and photograph

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