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Beijing chain manufacturers create "one stop and three teams" to be good neighbors of the community.

2019-05-21 12:13. network Wen Wen

In May 20th, the CPC Central Committee and the Beijing chain family held the launching ceremony of the "community good neighbors" joint project in Xiushui garden, Chaoyang District, Beijing. They announced that they would play the leading role of the party organization at the grass-roots level, and create a new service system of "one stop, three teams" and so on.

More systematic community services

"One stop" is about to create a "community service station" for the chain store, and provide the community residents with the "ten convenient services" including emergency printing and photocopying, emergency charging, emergency rain gear, emergency telephone, emergency Internet access, road guidance, drinking water, caring books donation receiving points, missing person temporary Liaison Station, mobile phone to store consultation and answering questions. On this basis, the store will create a total of three community service teams to serve the community in all directions.

Beijing chain family "one stop and three teams" was formally established

The "convenience service team" mainly provides services and assistance to community residents, including services for the elderly, disabled persons, collection of express delivery, community housing and other public emergencies.

The "community building team" mainly provides maintenance, construction and publicity services for the community, including maintaining community environmental hygiene, participating in community spiritual civilization propaganda, participating in community inspections with major festivals and activities, maintaining community security order, etc.

The public welfare team conducts informal lectures on real estate transaction risks, training courses for elderly smart phones, donation of caring public libraries, orphans and elders, and condolences to the disabled.

The project will be implemented in two stages. In the first stage, each of the 88 major districts selected a shop to become a benchmark store, and signed a joint agreement with the neighborhood committees to carry out activities, and staged comments and feedback, summed up experience and optimized projects to prepare for scale expansion. In the second stage, we should gradually realize the establishment of a docking relationship between all the stores in Beijing and at least one community, and effectively carry out various activities.

Song Chunhui, general manager of Beijing chain

"The bigger the company, the greater the responsibility. We hope that the stores and brokers of Beijing chain stores can further enhance the value of community services, and give full play to their advantages and capabilities under the guidance and cooperation of community committees and higher level party and government departments, so as to provide more systematic and meaningful services to community residents. Song Chunhui, general manager of Beijing chain home, said.

It's not just public interest.

Over the years, the chain has been actively involved in community building, and has gradually built up a 4 age brokers with high academic qualifications, high professional degrees, high community participation and good values. Nowadays, they have become an important force connecting communities and serving communities. The community good neighbor project, which is attended by the grass-roots Party branch and many party members' brokers, makes the community construction of chain owners no longer stay in the public welfare nature.

In the recently issued opinions on strengthening and improving the urban grassroots party construction, the general office of the CPC Central Committee pointed out that we should give full play to the leading role of the party organizations in the neighborhood communities, organically connect the units, industries and Party organizations in various fields, and build a new pattern of urban grass-roots party building work in the areas of overall planning, coordination, linkage and sharing.

As an initiative of the Party committee of the chain group to expand the connotation of Party building at the grass-roots level, "good neighborhoods in the community" are guided by the party building to build communities together. Through the chain Party's grassroots party branches and the demonstration of the leading Party members, all brokers will strengthen the connection with the community and actively participate in the joint development of the society.

Speech by Wei Yong, Party Secretary of chain Jia group

Wei Yong, the party secretary of chain Jia group, said: "building a good neighborhood" is not only a matter of public interest, but also by creating a "one stop and three teams", letting all Party members of the chain party take party branches as a unit and collectively registering the party organizations in their communities, and leading by Party members to take the lead, giving full play to the unique advantages of chain stores, aiming at helping the community residents to solve the "pain points" in daily life, and building a long-term, effective and effective mechanism for building a systematic, normalized, expanding and replicable party building to help community management, so that more stores and communities can join in, so that chain agents can become a powerful force in community management.

Gu Kunpeng, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Chaoyang District, Beijing, said: "the community good neighbourhood" project has opened a new channel for the whole city's real estate brokerage enterprises to participate in social governance, and will help more real estate brokers to participate in social governance and undertake social responsibilities. Next, we hope that the chain company will take this opportunity to establish itself in the field of real estate brokerage with influential, replicable and popularized party building brand, and further standardize the industry standards and improve the quality of service.

To become a "national brand" in the field of real estate brokerage is the development goal of chain owners. The realization of this goal requires the chain operators to carry out greater social responsibilities. The project of "community good neighbors" to build a community link to the chain gives a deeper meaning, but also to the new generation of brokers to provide services to the community and get a positive incentive platform.

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