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Liu Jianzhi, a young doctor who is more approachable and more family like.

2019-05-21 12:37. network TF021

Early in the morning, in order to catch the train, it was too late to say hello. Mr. Geng, who just left the hospital, sent a WeChat: "Dr. Liu, we walked away, too late to tell you face to face, and we can only send you information. We thank you in the bottom of your heart. You feel very comfortable for us. Especially the ordinary people, I feel that you are not a doctor, like a family member, so that we feel no pressure. Unlike other doctors, there is a feeling of high altitude. I will not say anything else. Thanks again.

Looking at the message in his cell phone, Dr. Liu quickly replied. Although thanks like this, he often receives it, but Dr. Liu tells us that it is always moving to see the patient leave the patient well and feel that his efforts have been understood and rewarded, helping others to be happier, and at the same time making their determination of medical undertakings stronger.

The young doctor who recognized the patient as "approachable and more like family" is called Liu Jianzhi. He is a resident of Beijing Guo Dan vitiligo hospital, and also a student of Wang Jiahuai, director of the Beijing national vitiligo hospital. Through his diligence and efforts, he has grown into the backbone of hospital medical students. He has served as a young doctor's representative to attend the Tenth China Health Forum and the Department of Dermatology academic conference in North China.

In addition to his professional ability, Dr. Liu's mind is exquisite, not only for patients' medical help, but also for more intimate psychological exchanges. Vitiligo is a disease that causes leukoplakia in the skin, which can cause more harm to the external image of the patient. In addition, the recovery of vitiligo is slow. Many patients have a lot of worries and psychological pressure, which is very harmful to the treatment of vitiligo. For these problems, Dr. Liu sees in his heart that every time he tells the patient the illness is more like his family and friends, standing at their point of view to think about the problem, so that they can see the disease correctly and establish confidence in the treatment.

To treat doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Liu also has his own view. He said: "all doctors and patients do not want to be in a relationship. In fact, they only have less communication and communication, less transposition thinking, and everyone will get sick. The patients' psychology is more fragile. They need more comfort and understanding. Therefore, standing at the other side's point of view, many problems will be solved. After all, doctors and patients have a common enemy -- disease and a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients.

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