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RoboCom City League May and RoboCom finals trials are held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou.

2019-05-21 12:11. network Wen Wen

In order to promote the development of local industries and the popularization of artificial intelligence, and better serve the robot education and "artificial intelligence into the campus", we will inspire young people's intelligence to create potential, promote the development of the robot industry, and drive the innovation and development strategy. Under the support of the Ministry of industry and information technology personnel exchange center, Beijing Search Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiaoshan economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, the Organizing Committee of the RoboCom international open contest will be held in Xiaoshan robotics town from May 17, 2019 to 19 in May, "the RoboCom City League May competition and the finals".

In from May 17th to 19th, Xiaoshan robotics town will usher in primary and secondary school athletes from all over the country. They will jointly blow the horn of the long-awaited RoboCom City League match May and RoboCom finals, which is also the key battle for their success in the July RoboCom national finals.


This competition has two days, including five competition items, namely super track, "Star Trek" task competition, VEX-ED "defeated defeat" challenge, VEX-IQ challenge "debut" and "FLL" space tour. The competition items are all established by the Organizing Committee on the basis of scientific analysis of the previous city league matches. This competition is mainly in the form of mission, and the setting of each competition item is ingenious. For example, the super track event comes from the strategic conception of building the new Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century. The contestants completed the task of visiting the 5 silk fabrics by controlling robots at the specified time. The Star Trek task competition was designed to imitate the classic game "push box". The players put the wooden boxes in the designated position (scoring area) through the remote control robot, and this competition requires the players to arrange the sequence and location of the box movement reasonably, so as to successfully complete the tasks and test the logical thinking and teamwork ability of the players.


Apart from the variety of competition items, another highlight is the source and age span of the players. Students from different parts of the country participate in the form of unified guidance by voluntary teachers. Each competition item is divided into different groups according to primary school, junior high school and high school. Each group is divided into small teams according to the corresponding rules of the competition. Players can set different team names and assign tasks to members according to the rules, thus strengthening teamwork. In addition, the winning team will qualify for the July RoboCom finals and expect their performance.

RoboCom City League May and RoboCom finals trials for different stages of students, through the task category competition to participate in the students' practical ability, team cooperation ability and logical thinking ability to conduct a full range of assessment. After recording the system data, it will timely feedback to the RoboCom international open competition platform to sort out and analyze, in order to better serve young people's scientific and technological innovation ability training, so as to explore new ways of training new talents.

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