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MATRO GBJ goes hand in hand with Rigi Hostellerie in Beijing to trace back to the golden age of the United States.

2019-05-21 13:20. network Wen Wen

On the afternoon of May 17th, the "EFFY streamer afternoon tea" - a retrospective American gold age event - was officially opened by the MATRO GBJ Milo International Jewellery and the super five star hotel Beijing Rigi Hostellerie in Beijing. A number of fashion media and opinion leaders attended the opening ceremony of the event. Michelin 3-star chef also made a series of desserts for the cross-border cooperation. During the event, guests attending the event could enjoy and enjoy the exquisite jewellery displayed on MATRO GBJ while enjoying the custom desserts, adding this wonderful visual and taste bud. It is understood that the event will last for a month, the specific time is 14:00-17:00 per day.

(MATRO GBJ x Rigi Hostellerie activity site)

Taste custom sweets and enjoy exquisite jewellery.

Beijing Rigi Hostellerie is a perfect example of luxury five star hotels in China. It is the favorite of dignitaries, merchants, and top 500 businessmen from the world's top 500 companies. It is also the designated hotel for recent US Presidents' visit to Beijing.

MATRO GBJ, the American jewellery brand under the international jewelry, EFFY, originated from the ancient Mediterranean, with exquisite craftsmanship and strict selection of gemstones. Since 1979, EFFY founder Effy Hematian has started designing the world's most unique jewellery in the core area of New York diamond district. As a professional engineer, Effy Hematian concentrates on the rigorous design of the engineer, the romantic fashion of the designer and the heroic atmosphere of the enterprisers, and concentrates on the design of each jewelry. In nearly half a century, EFFY always insists on creating extraordinary taste and pursuing excellent quality, which coincides with the idea pursued by Rigi Hostellerie brand. Therefore, the two sides jointly launched the "EFFY streamer afternoon tea - back to the golden age of the United States" campaign.

(model wears EFFY for jewelry display)

At the event, the model wore EFFY jewelry to show the guests exquisite jewelry in all directions. The series of desserts specially made by Michelin chef in Italy is elaborately produced with EFFY color treasure as the source of creativity. In EFFY jewellery design, colored gemstones are surrounded by diamonds, and the luster of diamonds and diamond fire are interwoven with each other. The custom-made afternoon tea will be used in a special form of mosaic in the tree branches, not only with the color of high-grade jewelry jumping, but also the attractive taste of jewelry attractive color.

(Michelin chef special custom EFFY light tea)

On the taste of desserts, Michelin chef is bold in trying to mix the two seemingly extreme tastes of "sweet" and "salty", bringing unexpected wonderful experiences. Guests in the beautiful environment enjoy afternoon tea while appreciating and trying out the jewelry carefully selected by MATRO GBJ.

Don't forget your heart and gather jewelry.

The collection of global jewelry collection made by Suzhou function group, MATRO GBJ Mei Luo international jewelry, is made up of the initials of English Global (global), Boutique (boutique) and Jewelry (jewelry), which means the collection of the world's best jewelry and the beauty of jewelry culture. The purpose of the establishment is to provide a quality premium global jewelry selection platform for Chinese consumers, and to provide a channel for excellent overseas jewellery to enter the Chinese market. In the cross-border activities with the Rigi Hostellerie, besides the US EFFY, MATRO GBJ also brought Italy jewelry brand Annamaria Cammilli and American jewelry brand JYE.

(honored guests to appreciate and try MATRO GBJ jewelry)

Annamaria Cammilli from Florence, Italy, has been regarded as the leader of the world gold craft, and has the reputation of "the most soft gold sculpture". Its design style has continued the heavy romantic atmosphere of Renaissance, and the designer has focused on nature as the design theme, expressing natural aura and feminine beauty in her works.

JYE's jewelry is also from the United States, and designer and brand founder Jennifer is good at creating high-end jewellery. In 2010, her works, the classic jewelry series, won the prize at the Las Vegas jewelry exhibition, which is called "Oscar in Jewellery Exhibition". "Sunflower" brooch is the work of JYE in Las Vegas jewellery exhibition. Sunflower symbolizes faith and brilliance. It is because of the unassailable group of JYE making process to create such exquisite diamond brooches.

(exhibition area MATRO GBJ carefully selected jewelry)

Jewelry collection experience shop and Internet platform

MATRO GBJ brings together Annamaria Cammilli, EFFY, JYE, Milo Opal, and other premium jewelry brands and designer brands from more than 10 countries in the US, Italy, Britain, Germany and France. So far, MATRO GBJ has opened 5 stores in important commercial entities in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, and has been selling online platforms such as Jingdong, temple library, Xiaohong book and letter 100 APP.

From overseas jewellery brands to terminal consumers, MATRO GBJ Mei Luo international jewellery is only selected from overseas jewelry brand headquarters, imported directly from China by overseas stores, and directly distributed to the offline sales hall after customs supervision and testing. There is no intermediate link to ensure that Chinese consumers buy International authentic jewellery at MATRO GBJ at the same price overseas, leading the new global jewelry consumption mode.

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