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Is it too painful to buy shoes? "Chek" platform "0 fee" activities welcome

2019-05-21 09:10 beijing evening news TF021

On the first day, after GMV broke millions, the trading volume of "chick App" (the "cheek") has been steadily upgraded. The ability to identify and serve shoes has also been recognized by players, bringing together more and more buyers and attracting a large number of sellers.

In order to better meet the trading needs of the trend players, "Chuck" also relies on the rotation quality inspection system and the get double identification to protect the genuine transaction. At the same time, it also offers multiple concessions to the users. Among them, some 0 of the premium sellers have been welcomed by many sellers.

Online week trading volume increased steadily

In recent years, sports, leisure and fashion trends are attracting more and more attention from young consumers. It also stimulates the trend of single product transactions, which are represented by sports shoes, and become more and more popular. The frequency of consumption, resale and collection is increasing.

In order to meet the needs of more young consumers, the "tide" trading platform of the tide identification product was launched in May 9th. Relying on turning over the past few years in the second hand phones and other categories of quality inspection gene empowerment, "Chuck" positioning itself in the identification of tide trading platform, to provide more professional choice for trend players.

The "Chuck" after online has become an important choice for tide players to trade shoes and so on. On the first day, after GMV broke millions, the volume of shoes on the chuck platform continued to increase steadily over the past week.

Some senior sellers are welcome for time limit of 0.

At present, "Chuck" mainly provides a variety of trades such as fashion shoes, tide brand clothing and so on. As an intermediary service provider, the platform not only provides professional services and secured transactions for the two parties, such as quality inspection and appraisal, but also provides consumers with multiple concessions.

For the buyers, "Chuck" has launched a series of preferential activities. All new users who have landed on APP will receive new coupons from the new customers. After receiving them, they will get full benefits from different levels. The platform also offers 0 yuan raffle, help bargain and other activities, so as to provide buyers with a cost-effective choice.

In the market of sports shoes, the platform will gather buyers and will also gather sellers. However, from the current operation of various platforms, high fees will undoubtedly become a common "slot" for sellers.

For this reason, for some senior sellers, the "Chuck" platform not only provides a single key to goods, a one-time deposit, but also offers limited time promotions: during the activity, some of the senior sellers who enter the platform can enjoy 0 Commission, 0 packaging, and 0 transfer rates.

Different from other platforms, the rate of commission is up to 9.5%, or the rate of commission is converted to packaging and transfer fees. The "Chuck" commitment service rate is not higher than that of commodity prices by 5%, much lower than that of other platforms. In response to some of the top sellers, "Chuck" has launched a time limit of 0 service fee activities. The subsidy is very strong. Coupled with the steady increase in trading volume, it has attracted more and more high-quality sellers to enter, thus greatly enriching the platform's trading shoes and promoting the platform's transaction transformation and upgrading.

Joint get double identification is guaranteed.

In the two tier market, the source of shoes is complex, so the identification of tide trading has been a rigid demand in the market. In order to better help consumers identify the true and false shoes and escort the genuine trade, chuck relies on many years of quality inspection experience to concentrate on polishing, and builds a new tide quality inspection team to solve a series of problems, such as market confusion, opaque information and difficult identification, in the traditional shoes trading mode. "Chuck" also pioneered the dual recognition technology of electronic chips and barcodes in the industry. It matched the world's only RFID old code for identification of each commodity, and eliminated the problems in the process of circulation of shoes.

At the same time, "Chuck" pioneered multiple identification modes in the industry. The joint well-known sports trend platform get provides double identification for the "sneakers" and so on, so as to create the strongest identification standard in the industry. For example, according to the 6 characteristics of sneakers, "Chuck" combined with get double identification, the two party authenticated at the same time is true, and one side really takes a false look as a fake and improves the accuracy of identification.

"Chuck" also promised that "if it is false, it will pay", truly "tested and reassured", believing that the future will not only provide consumers with more professional choices, but also enrich the tide trading market structure and promote the healthy development of the tide market.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Liu Yang

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