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Jointly released by elong and hornet nest, new tourism consumption trend report 2019

2019-05-20 17:18. beijing evening news TF017

In recent years, the tourism industry has been undergoing rapid changes. With the continuous growth of young consumer groups, people's daily life and travel online rate has been rising, and the new tourism era has arrived. In May 20, 2019, on the theme of "Smarter trip, Better life", a new press conference on the strategic cooperation between elong and Ma cellular tourism was launched. The two jointly issued the new tourism consumption trend report 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), aiming at explaining the demand, usage habits and market trend of the new generation of consumers.

The report points out that sharing has become the behavioral preference of contemporary travelers. According to the survey data of the same elong, 60.8% of the users have shared the experience of tourism in the past year. The sharing of the images is mainly based on pictures (91.1%), with the content of the text. At the same time, the sharing of short videos has also been increasing. 42.3% of users have used this sharing carrier. The survey data of Ma cellular tourism network show that users share the content of scenery and food, and the local customs, travel feelings and photos of people are divided into three or four and five places.

Along with the willingness to share, the user's demand for quality tourism is enhanced. Data from mare's Honeycomb show that 95% of tourists will browse the contents of the tour before going to travel. For young tourists, browsing the content is an important preparation for the trip. 56% of the users said they would browse a lot of strategies and make a detailed planning before going on a tour.

At the same time, constantly updated UGC has also become an important support for active communities. Hornets nest data also showed that 86% of users had generated comments, points, sharing and other interactive behaviors in hornets' nest. Since 2019, the number of users sharing short content has increased by 150% over the past year, and the number of short content points has increased at a rate of 32% per month.

Fragmented content form such as short video and short content has gradually become the "new favorite" when people share and get content, and has become an important carrier of "grass planting". Hornets nest big data show that in 2019, the number of short content browsing and collection increased month by month, of which the number of visitors increased by 37% in April compared with that in March, and the number of collections increased by 56%. Short video, a new medium of content, has also seen a large growth in 2019. The number of visitors in April increased by 347%.

In addition to bringing the fragmentation trend of content sharing and acquisition, mobile Internet also brings the wave of comprehensive mobility of tourism transactions. Hornets nest data show that more than 90% of the transactions now take place in mobile terminals.

The convenience brought by mobile transactions has also prompted consumers to gradually change from "price driven" to "service driven", and "one-stop" consumption has become the mainstream trend. Public data show that 43% of consumers will choose to buy "transportation + accommodation + tickets" on the same platform, and tickets plus scenic entertainment products are also popular consumer portfolios.

At the same time, users' demand for tourism product richness and one-stop consumption convenience has also increased. In the same way, eLong data show that besides traditional transportation, accommodation and tickets, users also expect to get more interrelated tourism services on the same platform. Among them, visa processing, local guides and global WiFi three related tourism services have the highest fever. The cross purchase demand of online travel users in the same journey further verifies the one-stop consumption trend. In the same way, eLong data show that the higher the cross purchase frequency of the customers in the same journey is the accommodation service, the connecting traffic and the destination consumption. The higher the cross purchase frequency of the users in the same journey is the traffic ticketing, the destination consumption and the connection traffic.

According to the report, the application of AI technology in tourism industry will have a profound impact on tourism consumption. The application of AR/VR technology will have an important impact on the way consumers acquire tourism information, and then change the decision-making mode of tourism consumption. AI technology will create more intelligent purchasing methods for consumers, including intelligent information acquisition, automated order processing, etc. consumers will be able to get housekeeper intelligent services, and all subdivision scenarios can be supported in an all-round way. The application of AI online offline scenario will create intelligent experience for consumers, including intelligent transportation, intelligent accommodation, intelligent scenic spot and so on.

At the press conference, the commercial director of Ma cellular tourism hotel, Hong hung Shang, said that the fragmentation of content sharing and one-stop mobile consumer demand under the new tourism era made the tourism platform need to have stronger capabilities of content and service. Users expect instant sharing, instant gratification, and more convenient completion of the whole process from knowing to buying.

CEO Shen Wenjing, the business department of the same industry elong, also said that the new consumption trend and the coming of the AI era have brought new opportunities for the online tourism industry. With Cheng Yilong's close cooperation with the excellent platform including Hornets, the company will provide a one-stop travel experience for consumers, while speeding up the application of AI technology and making efforts to become an intelligent travel assistant for users.


Source: Meng Huan, Beijing evening news reporter

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