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In the second quarter of the same single uncle's single wedding shop in Chengdu, there was another fire.

2019-05-20 17:20. network Wen Wen

Young people often hear the experience of "coming people" and are asked to live as so-called "standard answers". They often encounter worldly prejudices. They should get married when they are older. If they are not married, they are weird people. It is hard to marry highly educated. Women can happily marry.

20~35 years old single people suffer many external prejudices and pressures in their lives. During the 520 period, uncle Tong decided to save countless single Wang in the heat, and opened a single wedding dress flash shop. Coordinates: Chengdu Taurus Cade square two phase 1 atrium, for young people's attitude to call, I hope all young people will not be afraid of external disturbances, and live in their own needs.

This attitude, story and temperature of single wedding gowns store, opened for 2 days, the door of the flash shop has been blocked by crowds. It seems that uncle Tong and countless young people have come up with the "happiness does not exist the standard answer, choose to be single or married, and have a good heart".

After coming in, every girl can get a dedicated veil, Pick's own wedding dress, go to the constellation interactive area to punch cards, and shoot her own wedding dress blockbuster. There are too many interesting and interesting spaces, so that the fans can't stop taking pictures and brush up their friends circle.

Do not blame Xiaobian not remind you, want to play well, customs clearance skills need get, flash shop every day to see different surprises!

The site of the event was set up in 4 +3, a unique public hit area. It broke up [maiden Heart Wedding Hall], single bachelor's shop, single nursing home, immortal skin shop, single file room, and singles Tucao wall.

Single archives]

Is it a sin to be single? First, set up your own single file, all kinds of concave and convex shapes.

[water sign - maiden Heart Wedding Dress] all kinds of wedding dress, there is always a girl who can walk into your heart and contract girls.

The earth sign is a real paradise for you to eat. The happy smiles of fans on the scene are all overflowing with screens.

Fire elephants - single nursing home? What if you are single and old? Then go to a nursing home. What's the big deal?

In addition, thin, off single, farewell water reverse...... What do you wish to say as soon as possible?

Before the big film, the fairy godmother, the professional makeup artist brings you a little fairy.

[singles Tucao wall]

What is the matter of being single? Eating your family rice, attitude to Tucao wall, in all directions to meet the desire of singles.

Constellation pub love anyone, and then urge the object to urge me to marry. I exploded soda water in situ, good and interesting constellation wine, and won the love of young people.

In addition to the 12 zodiac interactive area, there are also heavy fans' welfare. In May 18th, uncle Tong's airborne parlour site celebrated the birthday of fans of Taurus, attracting countless fans to the scene.

In May 19th, the single wedding dress was limited to the T show. The little sister who was punching cards on the spot wore the wedding dress. She showed her independence and self-confidence on the stage, and told the whole world with her own attitude: the wedding dress was not necessarily worn for him, but also for herself, and a person could live very well. This self confidence and joyful mood is passed on to everyone at the scene, fermenting more positive optimism.

Subsequently, the star puppet show, active atmosphere, won the fans' love.

Live fans participate in limited time interaction, and have the chance to win all kinds of exquisite gifts, so that they can't stop. Luzhou Laojiao cellar uncle twelve constellation wine, Yue Jie light luxury jewelry, Rfactory bag, only road watch, Chic Nostalgia wedding dress...... And so on, together with the 10+ brand to boost the uncle's single wedding dress shop to encourage women to be sophisticated and cool themselves.

At last, the little partner who knocked on the blackboard and did not go to the scene to punch the card rushed to catch up. The 520 single uncle's single wedding dress was flashing for 3 days and the last day. The opening time coordinates were as follows:

TIME / time

/ -20 May 18, 2019 /

ADD / location

Chengdu Kade Taurus two phase 1 atrium / atrium /

In this flash experience, we can see that all independent and confident single people enjoy their activities. You are not who you are, you are your own self. Uncle Tong encourages all singles to become the protagonists of life and how they want to spend their whole life. What you like is the standard answer.

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