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Bold crossover! Mixx mahjong jewelry series stunning appearance!

2019-05-20 17:19. network Wen Wen

In May 20th, Hongkong fashion jewelry brand Mixx released mahjong jewelry series, integrating the "chao chao" mahjong into product design.

The mahjong series released by Mixx includes two parts: "seeking the moon from the bottom of the moon" and "three yuan" ring, which ingeniously integrates the representative elements such as "rich", "red middle" and "white board" in mahjong, so that mahjong scenes can be returned to the original in small and exquisite jewelry.

Mixx mahjong series "big three yuan" ring Mixx mahjong series "seek the moon" TASSEL EAR line

Jewelry uses a variety of basic color combinations, such as rose gold, gold, silver and so on. It also shows the different product tension with Mixx's classic green and red coloured glaze process.

Asymmetrical ear line design is very fashionable. It shows women's independence and individuality. In the design of ring shape, the designer broke the Convention and replaced the traditional closed circle with crossed lines. It not only made many mahjong flowers bloom on the same ring, but also perfectly integrated with the fashion trend.

Mixx brand was born in 2008.

Designers seek rich inspiration between cities and nature.

TA (inspiration) and design are constantly colliding and merging.

Create unique and charming Mixx jewelry and jewelry concept products.

Mixx crafted the beauty of reality.

Give you the best of this.

Mixx mahjong series Wuxi Heng lung limited first, 520 ahead of time to meet with Mixx fans.

Mixx Wuxi Heng lung shop: Hang Lung Plaza, B1

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