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Qijia network launched the "Qi Zhi push" home brand, accurate passenger.

2019-05-20 16:50. beijing evening news TF017

In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more behaviors are being completed online, from information acquisition, shopping, social networking to entertainment, and marketing scenes are transferred from offline to online. In the home industry, some traditional offline channels such as some home shopping malls, building materials market and exclusive stores are facing difficulties in reducing passenger traffic and obtaining high cost. On the transformation line, we need to expand the channels of access, and industry participants are in urgent need of transformation.

However, online access channels are complex, and there are a lot of inefficient and redundant information. How to accurately acquire traffic has become a difficult problem facing home building materials providers. Recently, the head Internet home decoration platform Qijia network launched intelligent marketing products "Qi Zhi push", trying to help industry partners to solve this problem.

The home furnishing industry has a natural close relationship with the household industry. Users with home furnishing needs are bound to purchase building materials and household goods, and home furnishings are the upper reaches of the household.

Qi family network responsible person, Qi Zhitui from the user and the brand's respective path and purpose, to Qijia network platform effective advertising integration, for home furnishing brand to provide an intelligent solution. Qi Zhi Quan's path includes flow intelligence, content intelligence, intelligence and intelligence.

It is understood that Qijia network is the largest traffic entry in the home decoration industry. The latest annual report of Qijia network shows that in 2018, 48 million 600 thousand monthly visitors were located in Qijia network, of which 54 million 310 thousand reached May 2018, and the number of decoration companies reached 9694. According to the report released by AI media, the traffic share of Qijia online home decoration platform accounts for 40.9%. Qi family network related responsible person said, Qijia network has three big traffic entrance.

The first is the official website and mobile application entry of PC, WAP and APP. It is understood that Qijia network started deploying mobile terminals in 2014, and developed various APP, such as design, knowledge content precipitation, decoration demand response and other different scenes, such as "the most beautiful decoration" of the main design end and the renderings, and "Qijia" responding to the user's decoration needs. "Internet Weekly" published in 2018 home home home APP list shows that the most beautiful decoration and the family are the first and second of the industry.

The two is the entry of new media. Qijia network's new media accounts are distributed in WeChat, micro-blog, today's headlines, a little information, Baidu 100 home and other major news terminals, jitter, Tencent video, second shot and other major video ends, and more than 300 home decoration areas KOL. Among them, Qijia micro signal fans nearly 2 million, micro-blog daily average reading Volume 85 thousand, news day average total reading about 3000000, cumulative subscriptions more than 2 million 500 thousand.

The three is Baidu search drainage. Baidu has brought massive and accurate search traffic to Qijia network.

The person in charge introduced that, while occupying the flow entry, Qijia network built a home decoration content ecosystem, and used high quality content to undertake traffic, to attract users to retain and improve user stickiness. According to the financial report, as of December 31, 2018, the home decoration of Qijia network platform includes more than 2 million 100 thousand articles and posts, 4 million 300 thousand photos and 880 thousand examples. Qijia network professional editing team, KOL, designers, decoration companies, users and other groups continue to produce content for the platform.

It is worth mentioning that, in the layout of its own content, Qijia network is also working with external media, with the help of explosive home decoration programs, to win more traffic, and to provide exposure opportunities for home brands. For example, Qijia network and Beijing satellite TV cooperation, the exclusive title of home improvement live documentary program "warm new home", the first six seasons of video sites cumulative natural playback volume exceeded 130 million people, double micro advertising coverage 10 million 400 thousand active users, portal media volume more than 2000.

In the seventh season of "warm new home", home brand four seasons Mu Song has gained a strong exposure through the way of product implantation. At that time, the four seasons Mu Song shower screen integrated water heater was about to go on sale, which required market education for new products. Qijia network has introduced the four seasons Mu Song product into home decoration transformation. Brand names, LOGO, product advertising slogans, product features, etc. have been exposed to high-density exposure in the form of anchors, subtitles, press screens and so on. The audience's brand recognition has been established, and the excellent performance of the products has also been fully demonstrated.

In addition to product implantation, Qijia network has made full use of all channel resources for the two transmission. At the level of traffic, the advertising places of three networks combine to attract users' attention. At the content level, they are distributed in Qijia forum, public address and so on in graphic and video forms, and accurately drain into the brand Hall of four seasons Mu Song, all of which are precipitated in the brand Hall, and finally facilitate user appointment. During the whole promotion period, the average reading volume of a single article is over 50 thousand, and the total number of users is over 900 thousand.

In short, Qi Qi pushes users to fill the user's vision with the flow, which affects the user's mind, and realizes the effect of precise user drainage. Eventually, all contents are precipitated to the brand hall, forming a closed loop of marketing. Qijia network responsible person said.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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