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Yun Sheng Sheng won the title of China's preferred brand in healthy diet industry

2019-05-20 15:44. network Wen Wen

In April 25, 2019, Shenzhen Zhong Cheng Health Technology Co., Ltd.'s high-end dietary brand - run Sheng Sheng, won the title of China's preferred brand in the healthy diet industry.

The discovery brand was founded in March 2016. It is a special exhibition of the exhibition enterprises launched by CCTV. The column excavated the high-quality brands from the unique perspective of the media, and recorded the development process of enterprises with lens.

"China's preferred brand" is an excellent brand selection project launched by China's preferred brand promotion and development project joint CCTV "discovery brand" column. Relying on its powerful media resources and communication advantages, we select high-quality enterprises in various industries throughout the country, award the honorary title to the preferred enterprise brand, and establish brand archives on the authoritative platform, deepen the public's cognition of corporate brand through the way of combining online and offline, and help enterprises win public trust and enhance the brand value of enterprises.

Run Sheng brand is subordinate to Guangdong Zhong Cheng group's Shenzhen Zhong Cheng Health Technology Co., Ltd. The group began in 1998. It has been in the big health industry for many years, and its business covers many fields such as life science, recuperation real estate, health technology, finance, high-tech materials and so on.

Run Zesheng adheres to the core values of "honesty and integrity", and the "natural selection of more natural" brand concept, to provide consumers with safe, scientific products and professional and convenient services, and create high quality life and achieve health.

In the discovery of brand, after inspecting the whole industrial chain of the brand products of run Sheng brand, it is believed that it is better to run the brand concept of "natural selection and natural selection". Run Zesheng said that the title of China's preferred brand in the healthy diet industry is not only the recognition of products, but also the recognition of the brand concept of good products.

In the future, Yun Sheng is working hand in hand with China's preferred brands to control their origin, control logistics and transportation, and control the products online, and create healthy nutrition and strict selection criteria to reflect their brand value and contribute to the healthy food industry in China.

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