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Tribute to the most laborious sanitation worker pepper pepper anchor "5.20 tables day" transfer positive energy

2019-05-20 15:42. network Wen Wen

On the day of the day, who will express your sincere feelings to you? You may be a lover who has long adored you, may be a parent who has worked hard to raise your adult, or a good friend who helped you. In this love of 520, a number of pepper zelancho out of the studio, came to the streets of Beijing, for the city beauticians - sanitation workers sent gifts, such as mineral water, box lunch, with small gifts to express their gratitude, and together with them in the street to eat together, spend a different warm "520 tables day".

High temperature weather is coming. In order to keep the city clean and hygienic, the sanitation workers are burning hot every day, fighting the heat, and even working day and night to exchange our sweat for our better living environment. "We usually have a rest day. We feel too tired to work. But they have to work hard every day, busy or even unable to take care of the water, so they want to express their wishes." The pepper is the anchor of the koi little daughter. Another director, erhu Ting Ting, also said, "in fact, we just sent a small intention. We hope that we can appeal to all of you to care for and understand the sanitation workers, so that we can protect our living environment and lighten their workload."

Singers, girls, Kiki, musicians Wang Degang, Zhong Xin, singing little Yang Zi and other anchors have also presented the love gifts to the sanitation workers, such as water, hamburgers, lunch boxes, and so on. Although there is no rich and delicious delicacies, it is enough to send the love to the sanitation workers on a hot summer day.

Zanthoxylum direct seeding official revealed that this is one of the activities of the "520 romantic bus" activity of the pepper. Besides the anchor's gift for sanitation workers, 520 pepper fans will be driving randomly in Sanlitun, Wangjing, SOHO, Zhongguancun and other popular areas during the 8 o'clock to 20 o'clock in May 20th. They will be free to pick up and send passers-by to work and send them "520 surprises".

Through the Zanthoxylum direct seeding room, many netizens have watched the live broadcast of the event. "Positive energy" and "warm heart" have become the most popular words by netizens. Unlike other brands, in May 20th launched a wide range of entertainment marketing activities, Zanthoxylum direct broadcast led many of the anchor from the line to the line, in the form of public welfare activities to create a positive energy of 520, with its own influence and platform resources, so that more people pay attention to sanitation workers group, pay attention to environmental protection.

As the industry leader, Zanthoxylum direct seeding attaches great importance to the influence of the live broadcast on the younger generation, and is committed to promoting positive energy transmission through the way of "live + public interest", and actively undertakes the social responsibility of the live broadcasting platform. Zanthoxylum has held many activities such as "Qinghe poverty alleviation program" in pairs in Zichang County of Shaanxi Province, together with CCTV financial broadcast of poverty county agricultural products, helping Shaanxi Foping to shake off poverty, and many other activities, as well as anchors "Lei Feng day" hiking cigarette butts, stars in Zanthoxylum direct seeding public welfare action, attention to left behind children and many other activities, practicing the initial public interest.

No matter what kind of life, care is needed in short or long process, and all want to be loved. Caring for others and caring for the community is the only way to achieve their own goals. It is also a social responsibility to bear the heart of the world. Zanthoxylum direct seeding will stick to the dream and move forward with all the love people on the road of positive energy transmission.

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