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Strong combination of dreams and Jinyuan hand in hand, Beijing Gong Mei opens strategic cooperation

2019-05-20 15:45. network Wen Wen

In May 20, 2019, Meng Jin Yuan gold jewelry group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the dream gold garden gold jewelry group) and the Beijing Gong Mei Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Gong Mei Group) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Wang Zhongshan, chairman of the gold and jewellery group, Li Jie, general manager of Beijing Jinmei group, Zhang Xiuqin, vice president Jiang Liying, director of financial center Zhang Libai, director of Audit Center, cold Feng, director of Information Center Huang Tao, and other senior executives of Beijing group, assistant manager of Beijing Gong Mei Group, assistant general manager, general counsel, Secretary of the board of directors, Minister of investment development department, manager of gold management department, general manager of Beijing Gong Mei jewelry, etc.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Zhongshan, chairman of the dream Gold Garden jewellery group, and Li Jie, party secretary and chairman of Beijing Gong Mei Group, delivered speeches respectively. They are looking forward to the future cooperation between the two sides, and they also put forward higher requirements for the two sides. They hope to tap the potential of cooperation and development and promote win-win cooperation on the basis of this strategic cooperation, so as to set a good example for carrying forward the excellent skills of the Chinese nation.


Wang Zhongshan, chairman of the dream gold garden gold jewelry group


At the signing ceremony, Zhang Xiuqin, general manager of the dream Gold Garden Jewelry Group, signed the strategic framework cooperation agreement with Sodkin, deputy general manager of Beijing Gong Mei Group.


Speech by Li Jie, party secretary and chairman of Beijing Gong Mei Group

The two sides of the strategic cooperation will take advantage of complementary advantages and common development as the principle, and make full use of the resources of the two sides, such as culture, capital, technology and market, to vigorously promote arts and crafts culture. Focusing on industrial cooperation, the project will improve the cooperative development mechanism and accelerate the formation of an industrial layout that is in line with coordinated development. Taking key projects as the starting point, we should strengthen cooperation in the fields of product cooperation, sales cooperation, exhibition and sales cooperation, talent cooperation, platform building and other fields to promote win-win cooperation between the two sides and achieve improvement in the coordinated development.

Beijing Gong Mei Group is a diversified and comprehensive enterprise group which integrates arts and crafts design and development, business operation, international trade, inspection and appraisal, vocational education and cultural exchange. It is a mission to inherit and develop the fine traditional Chinese culture. After decades of intensive carving, it has formed a cultural and creative industry group with strong independent innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness. It is a leading enterprise in Beijing and even the national arts and crafts industry.

Founded in 1994, the dream gold garden gold jewelry group is a large gold jewelry enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing, brand operation and sales service. Gold jewelry products from genuine to pure and beautiful are loved by consumers. The company has its own jewelry production and processing base, and its huge sales network and high-end R & D team. The terminal sales and service stores are located in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions throughout the country. It is the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China. It has won 2 honorary awards of Chinese patents, ten national enterprises, ten gold jewelry processing enterprises, ten Chinese gold and jewelry sales enterprises, and national intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

The strategic cooperation is the strong combination and complementary resources of two enterprises in the gold jewelry industry. It is also a concentrated expression of both sides grasping market opportunities, optimizing strategic layout and boosting enterprise upgrading and transformation. The dream gold garden gold jewelry group will also give full play to its advantages in production, processing and sales channel network, rapidly transform the market of jewelry design, and continuously innovate the cooperation mode, so as to create a new resplendence for the global upgrading of China's gold jewelry manufacturing industry.

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