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The 100 celebration of the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the wines.

2019-05-20 15:51. network Wen Wen

On December 8, the Winnie Winery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. held a grand honor at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the 100 celebration.


On the 8 th of December, Tian Wei Ni wine industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. held the grand honor of the 100 celebration of customer appreciation at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Jeff Gong, editor in chief of Guangdong Wine Association, Ling Chunming, Secretary General of Guangdong Wine Association, Chen Tie, Secretary of the Shenzhen wine Association, Tommaso Minetti of the Export Department of China Ca'Del Bosco winery in Italy, and more than 200 guests and customers from all over the country participated in the celebration, Tommaso Minetti of China Export Department, and Varro, the owner of wine shop Francesco Vallone.


Four founders of Winnie wines wine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

In the meantime, the Winnie the winery announced that it had signed the exclusive agency agreement with the famous Chateau Ca'del Bosco for 3 years in China, and signed the exclusive agency agreement with Vallone winery for 5 years in China.


Ca'Del Bosco sparkling wine

Ti wini wine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is committed to delivering the quality of genuine "Italy made" quality wines to the Chinese wine industry, bringing the representative Italy wine to China. The company's 4 Italy founding Alessandro Mugnano, Mr. Enrico Palmentieri, Ferdinando Rizzo and MS. Ivana Mugnano are down to earth, starting from importing 1 containers, and now importing 100 containers in 2017, covering 26 provinces nationwide, and have become the leading spokesmen for Italy wine. The Winnie the winery reflects the essence of traditional Italy wine in its own way, in the most pure and elegant way.


The media from mainland China and Hongkong invited the four founders of the Winnie the wine company to be interviewed and conducted in-depth exchanges.


On the night of the celebration, the four founders shared the key understanding of success.

Alessandro thinks The most basic principles are respect, sincerity and trust. The Winnie the wine industry has today's achievements and our partners, as always, trust and support are inextricably linked.

You have given the trust of the Winnie the wine industry. You are all partners in the growth of the company. Without your trust and support, there will be no progress of the company. Here, the Winnie the Winnie is grateful to all the thousands of customers in China who have been supporting the company for many years. It is with your love and encouragement that the company's performance has risen year by year.

Ivana believes that the key to success is passion and passion, so that you can do anything you want to do. I am also impressed by all the outstanding employees of the company. They have been working hard and selflessly for many years. We are all fighting side by side, together in the same boat, together with each other. Without such excellent staff, the company will not be able to move on.

Nando shares with excitement: "I am very glad to share with you the joy of success. The key to success is resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win."

Enrico has been unable to restrain his inner excitement and joy. He said: "we are here today is the support of all the partners and colleagues who are present and absent. The Winnie the wine industry wants you to understand how important wine is in life. Everyone in our company is very happy to share the happiness with everyone here and here."

 Image.png Image.png Image.png

In order to share the joy of success with you, on the night of the 100 celebration, the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the wine industry has set up the rich prize, the customer has taken the Italy double person to swim, some have taken the Bali Island double person tour, also has pulled the Ca'DelBosco winery limited edition sparkling wine and so on.

Surprises continued, with applause applauded. Guests and customers came to praise the wines of the Winnie the wines. Some customers signed the order agreement directly after the banquet.

The 100 honor of the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the Winnie the wine industry glory the celebration of the success of the The company's pulse will jump out of the strongest note. I believe that ten years later, there will be more new colleagues and partners to gather together to witness the company's take-off and dream. I believe that when we are thankful and celebrating, our company will turn out to be a rain and wind.


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