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Landscape garden nine

East sanhuan grand residence only 300 seats.

In May 10, 2019, Landscape Culture Park Nine Royal obtained the large property right certificate, and the Beijing (2019) property rights no 0036452, which filled the market gap between the East Third Ring Road and the East Fourth Ring Road. The Beijing municipal regulation committee clearly stipulates that no new residential land will be built within the four Ring Road, the mountain hydrology Park, nine imperial core area, and the value can be expected.

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Landscape Culture Park: Nine imperial, east to Beijing Happy Valley, West hope capital library, North has national badminton hall, south of Xiao Tai River, more twelve years of Chen Jing Long middle school, North Labor University and other educational resources. The park is inspired by the artistic conception of the Old Summer Palace, a mountain park, 10000 meters of lake, 10000 meters of Qingxi, more than ten waterfall springs, pavilions and waterpavilions, more than 100 kinds of seedlings to create a mountain water environment with errors. There are nine blocks in the park, six four seasons auditorium, underwater, art double club, 43 kinds of Huxing, the main unit is 147-476, and at the same time, there are more than 10 sets of Chinese and Western multi style sample rooms. The total price is 12 million.

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The four seasons Hall: the creation of landscape garden, learning from traditional Chinese ritual order and quadrangle regulation, three progressive space etiquette order, two axis layout. Miya Rabaroku is precious, and the country is six. The six four seasons hall, which is over 300 square meters, is the theme of the four seasons Hall: Ying Xiang, Hua Yun, Shu, Xiang and Ling, Qing Yan Ya Ji, Yi Qing, Fang, and Ning Ning. Nine royal new upgraded version 3 four seasons hall, constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, anti fog and haze.

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Huangyuan Fairview: Taking the artistic conception of Beijing as inspiration, adhering to the style of Chinese garden and quadrangle courtyard in Beijing, learning from nature, from the Lord to the next, combining movement with static and virtual reality, creating the overall landscape space layout of "one house, six streets, six courtyards and six houses". The park is surrounded by the earliest artificial canal in Beijing, namely, the Xiao taidu River, which has a view of the Great Lakes, a trickle of twists and turns, rocks and waterfalls, flowers and trees, and shapes of lakes, pools, pools, streams, waterfalls and streams in nature.

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Private courtyards: with Golden Jade, full hall, lookout, bamboo rhyme, water and one side as the theme, they compete with each other, and they are interrelated, meaning beautiful, and rhyme deep. A private courtyard, with a maximum area of 647 square meters, is close to one mu. The courtyard is enclosed, and the world is paved with flowers and plants.

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Copper jade facade: copper, formerly known as "Jin Jin", the third beliefs outside gold and silver, is a symbol of identity. The white marble of white marble is the choice of emperors of all dynasties to build imperial palace. The building facade is decorated with Fangshan white marble decoration, copper window, copper plate, copper strip, corrugated ceramic plate, pottery stick and other materials. With the traditional Chinese auspicious ornamentation, the opening ceremony is the first to show the atmosphere of the Yuyuan Garden.

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Distinguished by the traditional Chinese bright gate, it is regulated by the traditional Chinese bright gate, with double outer walls, gathering air to catch the sun, matching the copper door leaf, the middle is the gate, the two sides open the corner door, and creates a sense of reverence with the three door. Gao Guang gate, retro door nails, reproduce Wang shentun style.

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Art garage: Jin Zhu Sheng Yu, carved car hidden in the library. Art garages, etiquette and respect, take a deep look at the harmonious coexistence of human beings and space, create a humane atmosphere of deep artistic accumulation, copper head carving, magnificent spectacle, and beautifully painted walls, tailored for elegant people.

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Art block: 2.6 kilometers of landscape art Avenue, across the East three and fourth ring, was named after the cultural commission and the government of Chaoyang District as a class a exhibition area, with poly auction center, landscape art museum and other cultural and artistic institutions. Among them, the Museum of landscape art has held exhibitions of Picasso, Andy Warhol and Da Finch, and has been rated as China's active No.1 private art museum on the Internet.

Gold card member: from now on, the owner of Landscape Culture Park, nine Royal, will automatically become a member of the landscape gold card. It will be linked to Beijing's Jinhai lake, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Chongqing, Haiyan, Tianjin and other scenic theme towns and the world's six flag theme parks, enjoying VIP free admission to life.

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The paper is so shallow that we must learn to do it. It's better to go to the scene and find out.

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