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Marriage and love report combined with quintessence of the century Jiayuan tells you that the routine is not reliable.

2019-05-20 12:31. network Wen Wen

In the vast sea of human beings, love knows each other; flowers bloom and fall, and love is joyous. On the 520 special day, "fate" is not a coincidence. We must be brave and love, and love must carry it through to the end. In May 19th, the news conference on the concept of marriage and love was held in Beijing.

In this event, the two platforms of Lily network and Jiayuan of the baijiayuan group have released the single "seven most" and "the longest road I have traveled through is your routines". The two sets of reports on marriage and love, and the senior vice president of Lily Jiayuan group, sharing the experience through humorous reports, has profoundly explored the changes of the young people's views on marriage and love. At the same time, nearly 100 single ladies and gentlemen participated in the single event held at the scene. In addition, another highlight of this event is the combination of the concept of marriage and the Chinese quintessence Peking Opera, which fully reflects the profound cultural details of Lily Jiayuan group and its attitude towards the refinement of love.

The two platforms of shijiayuan and Lily net are the leaders of the marriage and love making industry. The combination of the two platforms also defends the leading position of Lily Jiayuan group in the marriage and dating industry, and has a profound cultural background. Based on this kind of corporate culture, this marriage and love concept data report conference and single friendship activities site selection of Beijing Imperial Palace, and combined with the quintessence of Chinese quintessence, Peking Opera elements, the scene of Peking Opera performed in the form of Peking Opera, such as "Hong Niang", "Feng Nei Chao", "Peony Pavilion", "Xixiang Ji" and many other classic dramas that conform to the love concept, and prompted the whole activity to embody strong cultural details.

They all say that "play well" is a good way to find love and find love without worries. In fact, the skills and routines required from acquaintance to acquaintance and love are not simple. In fact, from ancient times to now, there will be such a routine in the process of marriage and love. However, these routines are undoubtedly the game and mutual pleasing between lovers, son-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law.

At the same time, "the longest road I walk through is your routines" released by Jiayuan. We can find out that the problem of "I and your mother save the water first" has fallen out of the stage of love, and that the predecessor is the fatal problem. TOP1, among the singles who experienced the challenge of seeking life, 60% women and 44% men had experienced "what kind of person your predecessor is". Routines are always in our marriage and love making friends. In 520 of these days, Jiayuan issued the longest road that I walked through is your routine report, which no doubt allowed the majority of single men and women to avoid minefields successfully.

Routine is only an indispensable substitute for love and marriage, but no matter how deep it is, sincerity is the longest. When we talk about feelings, we should care more about how much we give to each other and how much sincerity we have. Can we match the effort of the two sides? Finally, we can decide whether the two people can walk together and go for a long time. The only way to do it is to hurt yourself. As the saying goes, "sincerity is the sun and everyone can have it. Then the world will be bright, warm and bright forever because of sincerity." If the relationship between people and human capital is a wall, then sincerity is the key to open windows, which is dazzling and valuable.

At the press conference, according to the content of the report on marriage and love, the senior vice president of Lily Jiayuan group said: "the single friends, who want to successfully find their own feelings, are brave enough to" break the ice "in any link, and have the courage to improve and improve themselves, so it is not difficult to get out of the curse. The two marriage platforms of shijiayuan and Lily net are the best help for single friends. At the same time, he also suggested that "boys should seize the opportunity to communicate more, contact more, do not be afraid of making mistakes, and bravely express."

Through the site selection and the integration of Peking Opera elements, the baijiayuan group reflects the millennium history and traditional culture, showing that Lily Jiayuan group has a certain reference meaning and attitude to the rigorous marriage, striving for perfection, being representative of the times and making friends with young people. In the future, the baijiayuan group will create opportunities for the majority of single men and women to help more single men and women solve their marriage problems through more personalized, entertaining, thematic and other means that conform to the company's cultural details.

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