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The joint operation team of the Beijing Normal University issued the "burden reduction report": over 60% users believe that online education can reduce the burden and increase efficiency.

2019-05-20 12:30. network Wen Wen

Internet penetration into the education industry is to help students "burden" or "increase negative"? What is the actual effect of online education?

Recently, the new media communication research center of Beijing Normal University jointly released the first national online learning report (burden reduction and efficiency enhancement) for primary and secondary school students in China. Based on mass data, the report analyzes the use and effect of online education platform students, and studies the degree of online education platform to help students reduce burdens and increase efficiency. The report shows that online education platform has achieved remarkable results in implementing and promoting primary and secondary school students' "burden reduction and synergy", which can reduce students' learning pressure, improve their interest in learning, and improve their learning level to a certain extent. Data show that over 60% users have been used for more than six months, and users in eastern and three or four tier cities have a strong demand for online learning.

Photo taken by guests attending the meeting

The report is abbreviated as "online education burden reduction report", which is based on 1 million 200 thousand operations to help users' online behavior data, supplemented by more than ten thousand network research questionnaire data for cross validation. To protect the user's privacy, the data is desensitized before the study.

65% users believe that online education can reduce psychological stress

The burden reduction problem of primary and secondary school students has always been the focus of attention from all walks of life. According to the survey data from the Ministry of education, in the 2012-2016 years, the rate of matriculation was 56.4%, and the rate of admission was 49.5%. Finally, only about 1/4 of students entered the undergraduate course successfully. Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the proportion of undergraduate students in China is obviously low.

Due to the pressure of higher education and the shortage of high-quality educational resources, off campus training and extra-curricular tutoring become the main choice to improve academic performance. However, the excessive increase in off campus training has increased the burden on primary and secondary school students. Therefore, it is imminent to reduce burden and increase efficiency for primary and secondary school students. China has successively introduced 35 policy of reducing burdens, including 11 special policies for reducing burdens, 24 related to reducing burdens. At the thirteen session of the National People's Congress held in March 5, 2018, the government work report clearly pointed out that we should strive to solve the problem of heavy burden on primary and secondary school students.

With the development of information technology and the popularization of mobile devices, online education has become one of the ways to ease the shortage of educational resources. According to the online education platform student behavior and effectiveness analysis report, online education platform shows significant advantages for students to "reduce burden and increase efficiency".

According to the report, compared with the traditional tutorial class, the flexibility of online education platform in use time can satisfy students' demands for learning anywhere and anywhere, and save a lot of time and energy. More importantly, online education platform provides rich and personalized courses, which can solve academic problems more pertinent. On the service side, online education platform provides assistant teaching services and other accompanying teaching methods. It not only helps primary and secondary school students solve academic problems, but also helps to improve children's interest in learning.

Zhang Hongzhong, director of new media communication research center, Beijing Normal University

Based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, the platform develops an intelligent AI teacher who has a comprehensive understanding of students' learning situation. Based on the knowledge and weakness of each student, the platform provides highly efficient and targeted learning plans, including diversified problem-solving thinking and steps, complete knowledge analysis, video interpretation and title deduction. This intelligent learning method of "1000 faces and thousands of faces" can guide students to solve "small problems" in time and develop a good habit of not knowing what to ask, and finally form a suitable learning method for students. Through this omnidirectional and systematic study, students' pressure can be effectively reduced.

The report also said that the weariness of primary and secondary school students is also a major concern for education burden reduction. Online education relies on its own advantages to provide children with personalized content and interesting teaching methods, which can significantly improve students' interest in learning, enhance learning enthusiasm and initiative, and stimulate students' desire for continuous learning.

Survey data show that 55.8% of students believe that online education platform can save students' time; 65.2% of students believe that online education platform can relieve psychological pressure; meanwhile, 58.2% of students believe that online education improves their interest in learning.

In addition, the low cost of online education platform has also lightened the burden on underdeveloped areas and families. According to the survey, the cost of online learning is roughly the same as that of 30%-50% on the spot, but the learning effect is almost the same.

Experts say that "burden reduction" is not a deduction of the academic burden, but rather an additional part. While reducing the burden, we should also take into account the "synergy", "burden reduction" and "synergy". This is the two aspect of online education.

Eastern and three or four tier cities have strong demand for learning.

Then, does the online education platform help students? What are the characteristics of students' online learning in different regions and cities? The report indicates that there are some regional differences in learning index of online education platform, and the learning index in the eastern region is slightly higher.

According to the report, as the most representative K12 online education platform in China, the homework help can reflect the overall situation of the online education industry to a certain extent. Data show that students in Zhejiang, Hubei, Beijing, Chongqing and Jiangsu scored the top five in the student learning index. From the distribution of provinces and cities, most of the top ranked in the eastern region, while the central and western region students use "homework help one lesson" better. Due to the differences in economic and educational concepts, the effect of using online education platform in different provinces is different.

In the provinces where the economy is more developed and the quality education resources are relatively abundant, the students themselves are facing greater educational pressure. The online education platform such as "homework help one class" can be used as supplementary resources for school education to meet the diverse learning needs of students. In the Midwest, students have a higher proportion of the playback of courses. The online education platform such as "homework helps one class" can serve as an important helper for students to solve their learning problems. In this sense, online education platform is combined with various forms of live broadcast and playback to help students learn "synergy".

In terms of different types of cities, the learning level of megacities and second tier cities is significantly improved. The lower the academic level, the higher the city level, the more significant the improvement of learning level. The more frequently used junior middle school students living in provincial capital cities and three or four tier cities, the more frequent the online education platform was used, and the higher the level of mathematics and English learning.

Compared with non users, online education platform users' learning level in the three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and English is enhanced. The higher the frequency of use is, the more obvious the promotion is, that is, the use of online education platform is significant for improving students' learning level.

Over 60% users learn online for more than half a year, accounting for 25% of new users.

Thanks to the steady growth of China's Internet users and the maturity of online education technology in China, online education has attracted a large number of users to learn online.

At present, the user community of K12 online education platform is changing. On the one hand, the new generation of post-80s and 90s parents are highly educated and pay more attention to their children's education. On the other hand, from 2018 onwards, K12's online education industry has turned into 00 users. Compared with the post-80s and post-90s, their online consumption intention is stronger, and they can also adapt to online learning. Therefore, the online live broadcasting for primary and secondary students is developing rapidly.

According to the report, nearly 50% of primary and middle school students interviewed use online education platform every day, 64% of students have been used for more than six months, and 25% of users are new users who have started using in the last three months. At the same time, the total use time of the three or four line cities is the highest, followed by second tier cities, mega cities and non cities.

It can be seen that students are more recognized and able to use online education platform, and for online education platform, this learning mode has accumulated a certain amount of users. Along with the development of information technology and the tilt of educational policy, online education platform can also attract new users continuously and has great potential for development in the future.

Zhang Hongzhong, director of the new media communication research center of Beijing Normal University, said: "online education platform has achieved remarkable results in implementing and promoting primary and secondary school students to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. Internet technology means it is possible for students to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. We believe that the combination of education and the Internet will open new ideas for reducing education burden.

Su Jing, vice president of operations assistant, said: "the working group is committed to helping more students achieve the balance between learning progress and academic pressure through advanced educational concepts and techniques. We hope to help students achieve efficient and personalized learning through artificial intelligence and big data, avoid wasting time and energy, reduce economic pressure for more families, promote educational benefits, and truly reduce educational burden.

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