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Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than "Yu sin".

2019-05-20 12:27. network Wen Wen

In May 18, 2019, Guan Yanjie, a young public security writer, presented his new book "the shaman of the pursuer" in Beijing. The book is co written by Cai Jun, Qin Ming, Remy, arbi, Ju Ping, Xia Yu, Yao Ming, Huang Bo and many other writers.

The theme of this event is "pursuing the truth and asking about humanity".

At the sharing session, Guan Yanjie shared the story behind the creation with readers, uncovered the mysterious veil of criminal psychology, and attacked the cruel and breathless real case.

At the same time, we invited young sergeant Zhao Jianing, as a guest speaker, to explore complex and multifaceted human nature issues with us.

 Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than

Event scene

There are plenty of seats in the sharing session. Many passers-by are attracted to the activities, and on-site readers are actively participating in questioning.

Guan Yanjie, the people's policeman, is a three grade police supervisor who teaches at Chinese People's Public Security University, a Criminology and criminal psychology researcher. In the Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Beijing World Championships, the world anti fascist victory and the 70th anniversary celebration of the war of resistance against Japan, the "one belt and one road" Beijing Summit Forum and other large-scale events, many times have won two grades, three grades and commendation. Known as "the left-handed Hai Yan, the right hand Jie Jinyong" the most chivalrous romanticism of the new century police culture spokesperson, is a "can not only kill thousands of miles, but also write down the case," the strength of the young public security writer.

Zhao Jianing, the people's police, first class superintendent, worked in the Beijing Public Security Bureau, the pen name Zhao Zhao goose, the young writer, has the search for the murder record series. We know almost one hundred thousand fans, big V, million class public talent trap plan author.

The mystery of the shaman of the pursuer is a suspense new work by author Guan Yanjie. As a people's policeman, Guan Yanjie not only has unusual reasoning novel writing skills and good Criminology and criminal psychology professional quality, can accurately control the case and characters, endow his works with high professionalism, but also has a deep literary culture, which endows the works with high artistic and literary character, and adds the thickness of the novel.

 Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than

The book depicts the death penalty of a police officer specializing in Criminology and criminal psychology. In the story, Sheng Dalei, a police officer, received a strange anonymous letter, and a strong sense of ominous feeling came into his mind when he opened the envelope. It was a murder with a mysterious ceremony. The dead were all women, and the means of committing crimes were extremely fierce. Even more unthinkable is that the victims are closely related to Sheng Da Lei. Is it a coincidence or a murderer deliberately? From the perspective of literary creation, the book is very grand, involving the mystery of life, the resentment and hatred of several generations of grand thunder. The plot is complex and changeable, foreshadowing and interlocking. Following the author's footsteps, we can uncover the mysterious veil and enter the final truth.

In addition, the mysterious Shaman culture has been added to the book. Combining strange religious rituals into serial homicide, and skillfully blending the entanglement and perplexity of the hero's initial work, he introduced the knowledge of criminal investigation in public security system and professional. The whole story is full of professional suspense and burning factors, and adds realism to life. It is close to life, resonates and satisfies the needs of readers in all directions.

I want to write a real police story.

"Now there is a problem in Chinese police literature, film and television works: the police can not see, the audience applauded; the police approved, the audience did not accept. Almost no work has been unanimously applauded. So I want to write a real police story, which can be recognized by both peers and readers and audiences. I am willing to make efforts for this good expectation.

Speaking of the evaluation of this book, Zhao Jianing said that the greatest feeling is truth, whether it is the truth of the details or the reality of human nature.

My enlightened teacher is a teacher in charge. I always follow my teacher's example. We are all committed to presenting real things to you.

Truth is Guan Yanjie's consistent principle in his writing.

In 2016, Guan Yanjie, who had studied in police school for more than twelve years, sprouted the idea of writing a book for the police school students. This is the reason for his novel debut, "police color youth". Since then, more and more police colleagues and friends have found Guan Yanjie, hoping to borrow his pen to write some police real experience in handling cases. At the same time, he also found that too many police literary works and TV dramas were adapted to meet the needs of the audience, and some even deviated from reality. Under such circumstances, he began to write, and the serial works of "pursuer" came into being, and the "Shaman suspicion of the pursuer" is the opening work of this series.

In the process of creation, the author adapted from the real case, deeply rooted in the reasoning of social school, and repeated careful observation and in-depth dialectical thinking of the vastly different human nature, so that readers can see the complexity of human nature in the shocking cases. Everyone who opens this book will cast another self in the book.

At the sharing conference, Guan Yanjie also revealed that the second, third part of the series of "pursuer" has also been completed and ready to devote to the creation of film and television drama, and is expected to be released next year.

 Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than

Moderator Song Yingying (left), author Guan Yanjie (middle), Zhao Jianing (right)

When it comes to the topic of human nature, Zhao Jianing thinks, "the two words of human nature should be taken apart, one is human, one is sex, all human basic motivation can be attributed to sex".

We can not grasp the length of life, but we can expand the width of life.

In addition to being an excellent people's policeman, a people's teacher and a public security writer, Guan Yanjie also led the formation of the only Chinese police band, Nan Li band.

Speaking of this topic, Guan Yanjie said that human life is a process of potential being constantly excavated. Just like many children nowadays, they learn piano, drawing and other skills in addition to doing well in their studies. He is also doing well in his main business, reading and writing books, composing music, and enjoying himself.

"Although life is only one thing, it is very touching, but if we can do more things, life will be more meaningful. So I hope I will always be a child, and I can love something more, and let this love follow me for life.

At the same time, Guan Yanjie also called on all of you readers not to be restricted by your career, to be enthusiastic about your life and yourself, to expand the areas you love and stick to your life.

At the sharing conference, Guan Yanjie and Zhao Jianing shared many real cases with readers, as well as knowledge about criminal psychology, and the readers also asked questions enthusiastically.

 Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than

Reader questions

Guan Yanjie emphasized that criminal psychology is not only a matter of police occupation in the process of solving a case, but also our educators, medical workers and every parent should have a certain knowledge of criminal psychology.

Guan Yanjie believes that parents are always the most important educators and guides for children, and family education is of vital importance to a person. He has met many children who are on the road of crime because of family reasons, but family is not an excuse for a person to commit a crime. We must firmly believe that we can overcome external disadvantages by relying on our strong hearts. We can try to overcome and fill the gaps and deficiencies of the past with the help of the positive energy that the outside world and ourselves can touch at this moment. When you realize that you have problems, you can seek self-help. There is a way that an adult can solve.

At the same time, Guan Yanjie also shared with the readers about the "FBI statistics on serial killer", and taught us how to strengthen self-defense in life.

 Suspense novels, which have to be finished all night, are more shocking than

Author Guan Yanjie signing on the spot

Yang Jin, secretary general and poet of the national public security literary and Art Association, commented on the "Shaman's suspicion of the pursuer": "it has the unusual reasoning skill of writing the reasoning novel, but also has good Criminology and criminal psychology professionalism." After reading the book, the Secretary General of the China TV Drama Association and the first grade screenwriter Peng Peng also praised the works. The vivid and vivid stories showed the author's real understanding of the mission of the criminal police and his deep insight into human nature.

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