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The donation ceremony of Huaxing holding group and the Yanan Zhidan County Huaxing kindergarten unveiling ceremony were held successfully

2019-05-20 12:26. network Wen Wen

On the morning of May 17th, the unveiling ceremony of Huaxing kindergarten in Zhidan county was held in Zhidan, Yanan. Former commander of the air force base, Liang Tian, Zhao Lixin, a political commissar and military calligrapher of the former PLA General Headquarters, Xue Tingmin, head of the health department of the PLA General Health Department, Lou Zhendong, vice president of Huaxing holding group, Wang Zixin, deputy secretary of the Zhidan Provincial Bureau of Education, Nie Dejun, director of Education Bureau of Zhidan County, Li Jianjun, deputy director of the County Education Bureau, You Yong, deputy director of the county government office, Hu Xing, director of Huaxing kindergarten, Zhidan County, attended the ceremony.

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The kindergarten children prepared a wonderful program to welcome the veteran cadres.

Huaxing kindergarten in Zhidan county is located in Yanan, China's red revolutionary base area. The revolutionaries of the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao and other proletariat revolutionaries lived here for thirteen spring and autumn years, and made a series of major decisions related to the future and destiny of the Chinese revolution, laying a solid foundation for the liberation of China. Here, the great "Yanan spirit" has been nurtured. This is the biography of Jiabao of the Communist Party of China and the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation.

In 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping held a forum in Yanan to promote the poverty alleviation and prosperity of the old revolutionary base area of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia, and said emotionally, "the old and old people have made great sacrifices and contributions to the Chinese revolution led by our party. We should treasure them forever and remember them forever. In building a well-off society in an all-round way, there is no overall well-off society in the old liberated areas, and it is not complete without the poor people in the old liberated areas. To this end, Huaxing holding group has formulated the "old revolutionary base area assistance program", working with the local government to explore and implement the inclusive early education program. From Xibaipo to Yimeng Mountain, from Yimeng mountain to Yanan, the layout of public welfare is bigger and bigger. Huaxing holding group hopes to help children in the old liberated areas to solve the problem of children's schooling by giving donations to public welfare activities, giving children a happy childhood, leaving parents with no worries at all, and dedicating themselves to production and construction.

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Speech by Vice President Lou Zhendong

At the unveiling ceremony, Lou Zhendong, vice president of the group, said that Huaxing holding group had been very concerned about public welfare undertakings and practiced the social responsibilities entrusted to us by the times. "The youth is strong, the country is strong; the youth is ambitious, the country is hopeful." China's hopes lie on the next generation. We hope that Huaxing kindergarten can become a wonderful start for your children, thriving here and nurture the ideal for the future.

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Speech by director Xue Tingmin

Director Xue Tingmin expressed the hope that this donation can help the teachers and children of Huaxing kindergarten in Zhidan County, and will come here to visit you in the future. Wish the children grow up and thrive, and wish the Huaxing kindergarten of Zhidan county can pass down the spirit of Yanan.

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Speech by Wang Zixin, deputy county magistrate of Zhidan County

In his speech, deputy county magistrate Wang Zixin expressed warm welcome to all the guests attending the opening ceremony on behalf of the Zhidan county Party committee and the county government. He mentioned that 998 children in Huaxing kindergarten are the main force of pre-school education in Zhidan county. This donation activity fully reflects Huaxing's concern and love for the old revolutionary base area. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Huaxing holding group for supporting the spirit of public welfare in the preschool education in the old liberated areas.

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Zhao Lixin's political commissar gives calligraphy works to kindergartens

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Wang Zixin, vice governor of Zhidan county and vice president Lou Zhendong, unveiled the kindergarten.

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Hu Yuanchang Xiang Huaxing holding group gives the banner

On the one hand, early childhood education is an effective way to improve the state's human capital and fundamentally cut off the intergenerational transmission of poverty. On the other hand, the spirit of the revolutionary predecessors should be passed on, and the contributions made by the old people to the revolution should be remembered. To this end, Huaxing holding group's "old revolutionary base kindergarten assistance program" will continue to do so, fundamentally solve the problem of poverty, help the implementation of the national poverty alleviation policy. At the same time, with the power of public welfare, we will transmit the true, the good and the beautiful to the next generation, planting the seeds of love in the hearts of our children, and let the noble sentiments take root in the kindergarten.

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