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Tencent hand tour "snow hawk Lord" in the heart of App NPC.

2019-05-20 12:23. network Wen Wen

In May 19th, the Tencent game hand tour "snow hawk Lord" carried out the "Snow" sound "theme" in the App competition. The winner will take part in the voice dubbing of the snow hawk Lord's hand tour NPC and get a cash reward of 20 thousand yuan.


With the rapid development of the domestic cultural industry, the demand for sound excellence has been rising constantly in the cultural industries such as film and television, two dimensional animation, games and so on, so that the Japanese media has begun to pay attention to the market of Chinese voice actors, with the theme of "China's upsurge of voice excellence and China's voice will usher in spring."


Under this upsurge of music, App joined Iqiyi, beep Li Li cartoons and Tencent games to carry out voiced audition dubbing, creating a career promotion channel for voice, film, animation and games for the best users of the platform. From the point of view of activity input, the diversification of App service excellence is not a temporary initiative, but rather a continuous development of funds, manpower and resources. It provides 10000 yuan cash award for the winner of each activity than the heart platform, and invites professional voice studios and famous dubbing actors as judges, scoring from the two professional dimensions of "voice appearance" and "character emotion", providing professional support for sound selection.

 Image.png Image.png Image.png

Mr. Chen Hao, the judges of voiced voicing competition.

The cooperation between different industries such as App, animation, games and film and TV plays has made more choices for users of voice over the platform.

At present, dubbing actors in China are mainly divided into two categories.

1, provide voice for two character animation characters and game NPC.

2, provide sound support for actors in the film and television industry.

These two excellent career paths have their own characteristics.

Dubbing for film and television, relying on the flow or works of movie stars, dubbing actors can quickly enter the public's horizons, and become more famous than ACG dubbing. But even sound actors and actors have been deeply bundled in TV dramas. But there will be no voice actors' names in the roll of roll players. The fate of individual occupation will fluctuate with the development of big industries.

And dubbing for ACG industry is more meaningful than dubbing actors. The rise of domestic animation is the most influential change in China's sound industry in recent years. Compared to the movie and TV play, it comes to the top of the voice in the form of film, but the animation is still half finished. Vocal music is more creative than film dubbing, but in animation works, it belongs to one time creation.

However, no matter which way the voice chooses, App can choose to sign up according to her career choice.

It is reported that in the future, the institutions and projects that cooperate with App to dig high-quality vocal music are increasing.

On the other hand, compared with 20 million users, the core group is 95 young people. They are the most favorite people in film, animation or game marketing propaganda, which is more important than the marketing value of the entertainment industry, such as video and games.

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