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Mille will attend the Asia top organic food exhibition and the first brand exhibition of Nordic milk powder.

2019-05-20 12:22. network Wen Wen

As an imported infant formula brand trusted by Chinese consumers, Mille, the first Nordic milk powder brand, has been working to improve its product strength and bring more health and happiness to more Chinese consumers.

In from May 16 to 18, 2019, the largest and most professional organic food fair in Asia, BIOFACH CHINA, was held in Shanghai. Mille was represented by Danish pavilion as a representative of Denmark's excellent enterprises.

Denmark is the world's leading producer of organic food and the highest proportion of organic food consumption in the world. Its organic products are not only natural, but also attracted the attention of people in the exhibition. This time, Mille brought us M o KO organic baby formula (Note: "M o KO" sounds very similar to the cow's voice in the Danish language, while letter O is closely related to organic food in Denmark).

When you come to Mille booth, you can hardly resist the charm of M o KO baby formula because its color is too high.

M o KO organic baby formula continues the fashionable childlike packaging of Mille's products, and the highly recognizable cartoon family of the Mai Ke family has suddenly emerged from many exhibits, attracting countless observers.

Layout scarce resources, organic new products listed

As we all know, organic products are popular among consumers because of their natural and pure attributes. But in the field of infant formula, because of the scarcity of milk, there is still a great demand gap in the market. In order to meet the needs of mothers for organic milk powder, Mille has built its M o KO infant formula based on its scarce high-quality organic milk sources.

M o KO organic infant formula is originally produced in Denmark. It has achieved organic chain from milk source to product. Mille own factory Mille Food A/S has obtained organic certification. The product strictly follows the organic food processing, packaging, storage and transportation standards in the whole production process, and has made organic traceability in the whole process.

Under such strict control, M o KO organic infant formula has obtained organic certification from Denmark and the European Union. Under the double guarantee, consumers can feel free to choose.

The good news is that this new organic product has been listed in Europe and sold in high-end supermarkets in Denmark, and I believe it will meet with Chinese consumers in the near future.

Thick and thin, Mille top exhibition strength

As a foreword, China International Organic Products Fair is the largest and most professional organic food exposition in Asia. Mille can participate in this event as a representative of Denmark's excellent enterprises, and also shows the strength of Mille.

Mille is a Danish company specializing in the research and development of pregnant and infant products. Its infant formula products are loved by Chinese consumers, of which Mak's brand is more famous among mothers. In the new era of China's milk powder market regulation more stringent background, Mille Food A/S factory successfully passed the registration (Registration Number: 6240), its products also passed the recipe registration smoothly, obtained the pass in the Chinese market, and solved the worries for consumers.

Mention factory, have to mention "Mille standard". The Mille Food A/S factory has established a more stringent "Mille standard" on top of the globally recognized Nordic food safety standards. This standard is enough to ensure that Mille's products meet China's national standards, Danish national standards, EU standards, and HACCP certification as well as the global food safety initiative (GFSI)'s FSSC food safety system certification, so that the products of Mille are safe everywhere in the world.

Innovative research, Nordic quality protects baby growth

On the basis of factory strength, Mille has also established strategic cooperation with Denmark's top universities, University of Copenhagen, which has more than 500 years of school history, focusing on component development and dairy technology. The Department of food science and technology, a key department of University of Copenhagen and a world-renowned university in the field of food research, has a strong R & D team and Mille joint research to ensure the safety, scientificity and creativity of Mille's products. All these have laid a solid foundation for the expansion of product line and the improvement of product strength in the new era of Mille.

On the basis of high quality organic milk sources, M o KO organic infant formula is still working on the formula. The addition of probiotics Bb-12 is helpful to baby's stomach peristalsis, digestion and absorption, and provides a better choice for mothers who love organic milk powder.

New products for pregnant women and children's milk powder come into battle

In fact, at the same time, the new M baby KO baby milk powder exhibits at the same time, Mille's Mai Ke Le maternal milk powder and McCoy's children's milk powder are also preparing for listing. These products are the products of Mille's innovation and Research on the basis of high-quality milk sources, aiming at expanding product lines to cover different consumer groups and meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In May 20th, Mille will hold a grand new product conference. These products will meet with customers and customers.

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