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Niujie Street convened the Fifteenth National commendation and progress commendation meeting and established the Committee of experts on community building to start the cultural season of Niujie hehe community.

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In May 18th, Niujie Street held the fifteenth commendation Conference on national unity and progress, and commended 58 advanced units, 30 building doors (floors), 61 advanced individuals and 30 harmonious families. At the same time, a committee of experts on community building was established and incorporated to establish and integrate Niujie neighbourhood day, and launched the culture and benefit activities of Niujie hehe community culture season. The National People's Congress, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China and the main leaders of Xicheng District attended the meeting. More than 350 people from the central, city and district units, new economic organizations, new social organizations and community buildings in Niujie Street area attended the meeting.

National unity and progress commended for 30 years, shining the light of the community.

The commendation of national unity and progress of Niujie Street will be held in 1988 for the first time, and it has a history of 30 years. The commendation of national unity and progress will be held every two years. It is a special brand activity set up by Niujie for the further development of national unity and progress and the enhancement of the cohesion of the masses of all ethnic groups. It is also a concentrated expression of Niujie's profound progress in the construction of spiritual civilization in the process of national unity and progress. As of the fourteenth commendation meeting, we have commended 852 advanced collectives, 726 advanced buildings, 726 advanced individuals and 450 harmonious families. This year, the commendation of Niujie national unity will usher in the fifteenth session. Adhering to the aim of "advance first and promote unity", we will continue to push forward the work of national unity and progress in Niujie region with the power of example.

At the commendation meeting, Wang Qizhi, Secretary of the Niujie Street Working Committee, gave a report on the national work of the streets in the past two years. The leaders of the conference awarded medals and certificates for advanced collectives, buildings, doors, hospitals, individuals and families. Speaking at the conference, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China and the Xicheng District Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China affirmed the good practices and good experiences of Niujie's ethnic work, and witnessed the great achievements made by Niujie in the work of national unity and progress, and put forward new requirements in the light of the new situation of the current national work and the spirit of the central national work conference.

Think tanks help and integrate Niujie's construction and build a harmonious and integrated road.

In 2018, the Beijing Niujie ethnic work exchange conference was successfully held. The mode of "hehe Niujie" home construction was widely recognized. In 2019, in order to actively implement the opinions of the National People's Liberation Committee on "building a sense of national unity and progress in a comprehensive and lasting and lasting way, and building a sense of the Chinese national community", Niujie held high the banner of national unity and insisted on the standard of the first good. In order to build an "harmonious community" as an important opportunity to deepen and integrate Niujie's national unity and progress, we launched the research project of the construction of harmonious communities in Niujie. To this end, Niujie and Beijing Citizens Committee, Xicheng District people's Committee, Beijing International Urban Development Research Institute, Beijing cross-strait community development research center and other units set up the "harmony and community construction guidelines" jointly formulated research group, around the "harmony and community" development vision and target positioning, take the construction of embedded communities in urban minority areas as the breakthrough point, to guide Niujie to carry out national work and community construction, and solve the problem of effectively promoting national unity and progress in grass-roots areas.

At the same time, the Expert Committee on community building has been established. Experts and scholars from 10 research fields such as ethnic work, urban development and community construction have been employed as the first batch of experts in the community building committee. They will focus on the major issues in community building and provide advice for the construction of guidelines for the construction of the hehe community. It will also provide a clearer direction, a higher theoretical vision and a broader thinking dimension for Niujie and Niujie.

Cultural days X neighborhood days, blooming flower of solidarity

At the conference, Niujie launched a massive cultural Huimin campaign focusing on national unity and progress. The hehe community culture season aims to nourish people's hearts with national culture, to unite people's hearts with special brands, and to unite the atmosphere into the hearts of the people. Through the culture of human tree brand, with the power of example, we can promote the spiritual home of all ethnic groups and promote the construction of "harmony society" between cadres and masses, harmony among nationalities, neighborly kindness, family and beauty, culture and music, and social harmony. 2019 the culture of Niujie hehe community runs through the whole year, consisting of three major brand activities: "national unity month", "national unity Cup" and "neighbourhood day". During the event, a series of mass cultural activities, such as sports and sports events, community art performances and community carnivals, will be held to create a harmonious atmosphere for all ethnic groups. The 3 big plates, 5 thematic activities, 1 commendation meetings, 3 large sets, 4 big events, 7 performances, nearly 70 events, will launch a beautiful picture of Niujie and bring a never-ending cultural feast to the residents of the district.

"Hehe Niujie neighborhood day" is a great highlight of the community cultural season. It is a memorial day for Niujie residents to share their neighbourhood and share their neighbourhood music. The streets of Niujie will be set up every year in May 6th as "harmony Niujie neighbourhood day". The people of all ethnic groups will display the neighborliness, kindness, family and beauty of Niujie by carrying out the theme activities such as "family harmony, wind banquet", "neighborhood + neighborhood knot" and "book delight Niujie". This year's "hehe Niujie neighbourhood day" takes the theme of "70 loads and my family feelings" as the theme, inherits the family culture and influences people around them, and neighbors work together to build a harmonious, healthy, intelligent, harmonious and livable home.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yan Tong photo

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