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2019 "happy flying" dance competition successfully concluded!

2019-05-20 10:32. beijing evening news TF017

In May 18th, supported by the Xicheng District culture and Tourism Bureau of Beijing, the 2019 "happy flying" Beijing community dance competition final hosted by the first culture hall of Xicheng District, Beijing was held in Xicheng District first culture hall, Beijing.

The theme of this year's competition is to promote the traditional Chinese culture. It embodies the core values of loving the party and patriotism, which are innovative, positive, and rich in dance vocabulary, highlighting the characteristics of national harmony. Since the start of the competition, more than 90 works from our city, District Dance Association, cultural center, street, community dance troupe and dance studio have been received. The competition lasted for 23 days. After the preliminary competition, the competition was strictly screened and the final match was held. Finally, 12 dance entries were finalists. At the finals, 5 judges from the Chinese Dancers Association, the Chinese song and dance ensemble, the Beijing Dancer Association, the general political song and dance troupe and the Chinese music and Dance Artists Association, conducted on-site reviews by watching the live performances of the teams, and finally produced 2 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals.

The final 12 entries included the classical dance, Mongolian dance, Korean nationality, Tibetan dance and other rich types, bringing together colorful ethnic customs, showing the passion and heroism of the sons and daughters of all ethnic groups in China. In shaping the new Beijing, new culture and new style, it shows the openness and tolerance of Beijing's modern metropolis. Providing a platform for the capital people to display their talent and spirit, and improving the level of the performance of the capital's dance performances, has played a positive role in promoting the cultural life of the masses, creating a harmonious social environment and building a good cultural atmosphere.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yan Tong photo

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