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Cade MALL to approve the Grand Canyon 9th Anniversary shop celebration: create a parent-child movement to highlight the "home" positioning

2019-05-20 10:28. beijing evening news TF017

In May 18th, in the early summer of Beijing's most suitable outing, the MALL Grand Canyon welcomed its 9th anniversary celebration. On the day of the event, the invited national handball players came to help with the theme of "9 coming to the countryside". There are not only handball show skills, handball knowledge, handball players, but also a friendly handball friendly match with Cade family members. The handball Games opened the curtain on the 9th anniversary MALL celebration of the Grand Canyon. May 18th -6 2, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon will create a three week "parent-child Sports Party", children's graffiti DIY, BMX racing, parent-child sports meeting, Meng Chong big league "Meng", fun rugby and other relay will be carried out. In addition, it will also link the whole tenant, launching 999 special gift packages, the explosive money spike and other preferential activities.

The national handball team has helped 9th Anniversary stores celebrate the three - week parent child movement.

As a community MALL, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon will firmly target family customers. By highlighting the combination of family life format, direct attention to the meticulous service of residents' pain points, and close to their children's paternity marketing activities, they attract and link the surrounding community family customers. The 9th anniversary celebration is at a good time in early summer in Beijing. In order to link more families to participate in it, with the theme of "9 coming to the countryside", Kade MALL Grand Canyon 9th anniversary has been built into a different parent-child Sports Party.

On the day of the celebration, the mall was transformed into a handball field. An amazing handball show was opened. Subsequently, the distinguished guests of the celebration event appeared: leaders of Handball Association and members of the national handball men's sports team. Handball show skills, handball knowledge, Q & A and other interactive activities instantly detonated the atmosphere of the scene. Handball players also organized a friendly competition with the Kade family members. In a cheer and cheering sound, the MALL 9th Anniversary Grand Canyon celebrating activity was opened.


It is reported that with the occasion of the celebration, the curtain between Kade and Handball Association has been officially opened, and the Kade group and Handball Association will also carry out a series of cooperation. For example, in June 1st, the "GO nest, more wonderful" Beijing Carnival event will be held in Beijing, which will join 6 projects in Beijing, inviting Cade colleagues, loyal members, business representatives and media friends to celebrate the entry of the Cade group into China 25th anniversary. On the same day, handball will also serve as an important experience for more CAD members to feel the charm of handball.

From the May 18th to June 2nd, the MALL Grand Canyon will create a three - week "parent-child Sports Party", which includes the children's graffiti DIY activities directed by professional graffiti masters, the BMX racing, the parent-child sports meeting, the star pet dog "KaKa" and so on, and the fun of rugby, which is a 9th Anniversary week celebration. In addition, the shop promotions will start simultaneously, and the brand tenants in the store will give back customers together, such as the $9th Anniversary purchase of 999 yuan special gift package for 99 yuan, which includes a large number of merchant coupons such as Nanjing stalls, fish fishes, boat fish dumplings and so on. There are thousands of Ye Zhubao, Bosideng, Adidas and other super low price spike kill, Carrefour supermarket preferential purchase, nine will be sent to activities.

Independence and initiative, advocating "multi life" multi industry escort "home" positioning

Unlike other shopping centers struggling to compete for young people and catching up with the trend, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon runs counter to its path of "living and canyons". A series of parent-child activities can also be seen from this anniversary. Whether it's interactive activities or preferential promotions, it's a great deal to focus on family customers.

Movie theaters and large supermarkets have become the standard of shopping centers. Especially for the community MALL, the two formats relate to the food basket and entertainment life of the surrounding residents, providing the most important material and spiritual food. From the day of its birth, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon has introduced the Pauli theater and Carrefour, separated the top layer and the underground one floor, and escorted "home life" with the "one day, one place" trend.

The new formats related to family life and the net red brand are constantly being introduced. For example, the nine wood sundry society, a practical esthetics advocate, inspired people's love for life with a number of practical, quality and aesthetic items. The tea net new star Xiao Zheng Cha captured many young audiences with fashionable shop design and inspirational chicken soup.

Catering and children are the two major centers of family life, and also occupy an important proportion in household consumption. To this end, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon has been focusing on catering and children's industry intensive cultivation, and gradually formed its unique label.

In the spatial layout, the cate MALL Grand Canyon dining room high-rise roof design, create an open and bright visual experience. This is a difficult experience in a shopping mall. The storefront decoration, which is full of garden features, is green and vigorous. Not only is the dining environment full of wild tastes, the restaurants and restaurants here are also well known brand stores, bringing together distinctive cuisine.

Both Yunnan cuisine, Yun Yun cuisine, and elegant charm, reproduce the Nanjing stalls at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China; the Cantonese cuisine represents the Tang City kitchen, and the Japanese style fresh seafood Haiying Pavilion; the popular shop is Yu, the boat song fish dumplings, the northern Li mother dishes, and the first net red family restaurant in Beijing, the yellowing brother five-star Chef Restaurant, and the annual 10 million + fish roast fish. There are many dishes in the cuisine, which can satisfy the tastes of all ages in the middle and young ages, and become the preferred place for families to eat in the surrounding communities.

In the layout of children's formats, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon focuses on educational experience, and old brands can't stand up to label. New formats emerge in an endless stream, leading to new trends. There are both old and new educational brands that have been built in the opening of Disney's English shopping mall. There are also the newly introduced "new exploration and education" new models, including the SMAT and the several years of early education and training, which have gathered 0-12 years old children's retail, children's education and children's entertainment. On the service, the Cade MALL Grand Canyon will be considerate in details, and two different types of children's trolley are specially placed on different floors.

Gathering "home life", the Cade MALL Grand Canyon is also constantly innovating and changing. It is learnt that a net red gourmet street, which brings together popular snacks, will soon be unveiled to further enrich its catering formats and cater to more young people's taste. Besides, the theme experience net red Bookstore Sisyphus bookstore and the new yoga experience hall will soon be settled in order to create a high-quality consumption experience for the surrounding customers with more innovative experiential formats.


Source: Yan Tong, Beijing evening news reporter

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