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The theme of "walking and being constantly -- Book crossover and community connection"

2019-05-20 10:19. beijing evening news TF017

Nationwide reading has been integrated into the cultural roots and spiritual blood of the city, and has become a new and traditional culture of the city. At the same time, "Nationwide Reading" has been written into the national government work report for four consecutive years. The cultural atmosphere of "Beijing" and "West City" is also being actively created by the Da Palan historical and cultural block, leading more friends to read the old city building, the Beijing history and culture, the appreciation of the Hutong style, the tourism culture publishing block, and the reading salon.

With the coming of the people's pursuit of a better life, bookstores are becoming a new way of life. What kind of sparks will a physical Bookstore encounter when encountering historical and cultural blocks? How to integrate and develop cultural consumption and traditional reading? How to win win win in public reading and sustainable operation in the protection and renewal of old cities? To this end, in the afternoon of May 19th, the 2019 hurdle life festival launched the salon activities on the theme of "walking and being in common -- Book crossover and community connection". The activities have attracted the attention of representatives from the physical bookstores, publishing industry, big coffee, cultural institutions and public service teams.

This theme salon is held in Shijia Hutong 21 [everyone living room]. It is co sponsored by Da Palan Street office and Beijing Da Huran investment limited liability company. TTG is a host of tourism. Salon is divided into three themes: "integration and connection", "reading walk" and "culture often". It focuses on three topics: Inheritance and innovation of Myrica bamboo skew Street book culture in the past 100 years; outstanding cases of integration between book industry and traditional blocks at home and abroad; and how the book industry coexists with old streets to create new urban aesthetics.

This salon specially invited the image ambassador of Beijing, He Chao, the reading radio host of the Central People's broadcasting station, chaired the salon. The first time he saw Wang Xue, the deputy general manager of the study, Li Lu, the director of cultural space operation, Li Lu, the founder of Tian Yue, the founder of the entertainment laboratory, Li Lu, the director of the poetry space art, Li Zhi, the director of the public welfare division of the bookstore, and Wang Xiwen, director of dabahuran Investment Co., Ltd., respectively, to share the theme and explore the development of the old city historic district and the book industry.

At the beginning of the study, Wang Xue put forward a new transmission for the future, from knowledge creation to transmission to reception, and from the depth of application of knowledge blocks in the future by means of technology. Unread brand Jun Jun thinks that reading can change the cultural valuation of a city. A book opens a cultural understanding of a city, and a bookstore changes the cultural temperament of a city. Li Lu, who wrote the book office, introduced the bookstore's theme biography space project in 2019 and "reading the city plan from the bookstore". They intermingled the bookstore space resources with the local culture, and used images, art, exhibitions, interviews, walks and other ways to excavate the relationship between the objects and the City from the books, and to listen to the sound of architecture and history from walking.

The play experimental society, Tian Yao, shared their wonderful journey and harvest in the "wonder Book Exhibition" of Yangmei bamboo street, and allowed participants to join without threshold. He believed that books were a medium and a physical book could extend more possibilities. The model Bookstore + poetry space Jiang Zhe shared the thought of Yang Meizhu's bookstore operation bookstore for five years. He felt that publishing should take "research" and "spread" as the main medium, and should not ignore the power of paper reading to guide people; PageOne bookstore Li Zhi introduced him and 70 volunteers in the Public Library of Hutong to do bit by bit. He believes that the public library will become the center of the future community, just like a lighthouse in the old city community. Wang Xiwen talked about the development process of urban renewal in the fifteen years of Da Palan area, and Yang Meizhu's oblique Street achieved the upgrading of "dot line to surface" urban quality and the renewal of the organic ecology of the old city. She believes that books are media, connecting space with people. As the main body of urban renewal implementation, the great Huran investment company has been practicing the calligraphy quality of Yangmei bamboo skew street and constructing a new culture and business ecosystem.

The Yangmei bamboo street, located in dadalong, is a gathering place of Chinese publishing industry from the beginning of the Republic of China. At that time, eight major bookstores, such as central, world, Kai Ming, Guangyi, Dadong, Volkswagen, China and the world, were all open on this street. The Qingyun Pavilion tea shop in the street was once a place where scholars and bachelors gathered to gather tea. Many cultural celebrities, such as Lu Xun and Shen Congwen, left footprints here. Time elapses, the world changes. Now the big fence is the core of the traditional culture commercial area in Beijing, and the Yangmei bamboo slanting street is one of the important landmark of the cultural revival. Let us wait and see how bright the physical bookstore and public cultural service system shines on this historic street.

The theme of this book is "walking and constant", which means that "walking and constant being" is the two state of all things. It is interpreted by philosophy, that is, motion is absolute and static is relative. Hundred years, historical changes. The cultural industry structure of Yangmei bamboo skew street has been "walking" and has undergone a brand-new change. But over the past hundred years, the cultural atmosphere and tradition of calligraphy have been passed down from generation to generation. Walking and constant existence are the epitome of the cultural ecology of Myrica rubra.

Other resources of the city will be exhausted. Only the traditional cultural resources and historical blocks of the city will shine brightly in the process of inheritance and development. Reading is the way to convey culture correctly and directly to the individual spiritual world. The development of calligraphy culture and the integration of historical and cultural blocks will also go farther and farther under the joint efforts of all of us.

Background information of organizers and contractors

Beijing Da Huran Investment Co., Ltd. is the main body of the implementation of Beijing's 33 historical and cultural protection zones. Over the past fifteen years, progress has been made in research, planning, policy application, transformation and implementation, and organic renewal of the city. In 2010, the Yang Meizhu protection and renovation project was launched. The model of urban organic renewal and soft growth was first put forward, leading the cross border Renaissance and public participation in the pioneer demonstration of the revitalization of old neighborhoods. In the area of community building and urban micro renewal, they are constantly exploring and practicing, actively unite residents, businesses and major cultural institutions, and organize the innovative dhura life festival, to make efforts for the protection and cultural heritage of the old city area.

TTG is a new generation of residential operators, and the destination culture explorers are committed to providing diverse, friendly and shared new accommodation experience. TTG set up a new generation of youth hostels in 2017. The brand "together", the total reception of guests 100000+, its own channels accounted for 30%+, the average re purchase rate of 20%+, won the 2017 American Architecture Award and the best design award. TTG regularly organizes brand activities such as "live in different", "pull rod box market" and "traveling roaming Exhibition". The partners include Airbnb Audemars Pigeut Ying, carving time, Taiwan fawn fans travel, spring breeze Magazine Library, youth ambition, sharing and so on nearly 100 brands, a total of more than 100 media reports, have participated in the Venice Biennale in depth, Beijing and Suzhou international design week and other activities.


Source: Yan Tong, Beijing evening news reporter

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