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Shadow child star Shijiazhuang image store opens grandly to create high-end brand for children's Art

2019-05-20 09:54 network Wen Wen

In May 18, 2019, the children's training base with the most film and Television Association's license was issued in May 18, 2019. The children's education brand "shadow child star" Shijiazhuang image shop opened in Wanda Plaza. In the same period, the 2019 universal children's grand ceremony audition also opened. This grand ceremony follows the tenet of "calling for world peace and promoting the healthy growth of children", starting from dreams and growing with love.

It is understood that "children's star" brand children's art training in the form of art, focusing on training children's morality, etiquette, physique, aesthetics and other aspects, at present, the establishment of children's models, children eloquence, children's performance and other related courses, and with the multi film and television association work together, is committed to create high-end children's art brand, calling for vitality education.

General director Zhang Chong, deputy director of the central new film development center, Song Zhifen, the TV producer of the "people's choice", Song Zhifen, former Shi Junying of Peking University TV station, Zhang Bin, associate professor, master's degree and doctoral supervisor of the New Media Research Institute of Communication University of China, Gao Dongan, Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the new media art festival of the International University, Zhou Jiao, actress, godfather specialist, Jiang Jingguo player Jing Minqiang, the Deputy Secretary General of the TV Artists Association, the founder of the film star, the film producer, the shadow boy star co founder, the general manager of Hongkong superstar group, and the director of the shadow star Shijiazhuang branch. At the scene of the event, the chief producer of the CCTV area and the poetry of Yongding River, China.

During the activities, Zhang Chong, Song Zhifen, Shi Junying, Zhang Bin, Gao Dongan, Zhou Jiao, Jing Minqiang, and Zhou Jiao came together to play the role of the child star Shijiazhuang image shop opening ribbon cutting.

Wei Yaping, founder of shadow child brand, presented a licence to shadow boy Shijiazhuang branch representative.

After the opening ceremony, the 2019 universal children's grand ceremony Shijiazhuang competition was also unveiled. In the fierce competition selection, the small contestants ride the wind and wave in the final goal.

The global children's celebration is sponsored by the global children's Promotion Association, aiming to create a platform for children's cultural and artistic exchanges with global influence. According to the introduction, the universal children's grand ceremony will hold large scale audition every year, select outstanding children in the fields of culture, art and fashion, and select outstanding representatives from all fields to give recognition and reward.

In addition, you will receive generous rewards from the dream fund, the Beijing water cube opportunity and the image spokesperson of the 2019 world children's grand ceremony, which is provided by the universal children's Promotion Association.

The director of the global children's ceremony also said that the global children's ceremony will insist on putting the public welfare and children's cultural exchanges in the same important position of development, focusing on the development of children, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, fulfill the responsibility for the public in the interests of the public, and promote the development of children's cultural industry in Shijiazhuang, so that all children in Shijiazhuang can achieve the stage of their dreams.

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