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Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon run, love run, love accompany

2019-05-18 19:41. network Wen Wen

May 12, 2019, Beijing) mother's day in May 12th, 2019 the Great Wall marathon run in Huairou, Beijing, ushered in nearly 10000 entries, from nine Valley to the end of the Mutianyu Great Wall, all the way in the magnificent scenery feel the charm of the marathon movement.

Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon, nearly 10000 runners rushed out of the starting point.

The red Kohler drums were lined up at the starting point, and the drums beat the welcome and cheer of the runners. The scene was a scene of jubilation. The big Kohler billboards are full of high spirited words, and the theme word "love running and loving company" will accompany runners all the way. With the start of the race, the players rushed out of the starting line, accompanied by their family and Kohler, and opened their journey with passion.

Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon start ceremony

After completing the arduous run from 4.2195 km to 45.195 km, the runners who arrived at the finish line also looked forward to the service and activities of the terminal area in addition to winning medals and finishing packages. As a brand sponsored by many times and sponsoring running events, Kohler has created a colorful carnival for runners at the finish line, enjoying the intimate post game service and enjoying the relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Mini Horse ends with health and love.

The end of Mini Horse is a party of joy and love. In the performance of the dream bubble show, family Guardian "big white" is waiting for the end, embracing every runner who runs with love hug, and also opens up the fun interaction after the game. Rushing across the finish line and changing sweat clothes immediately is the biggest demand for runners. Kohler's "surprise dressing room" made of unidirectional perspective glass can be accompanied by the safety of Kohler products, while watching the bustle of the outside world, while feeling the creep of Kohler products.

Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon highlights live: "wonder room" experience area

Warm and playful games allow children and mothers to have more opportunities to accompany each other on this mother's day. In the unique Kohler kitchen scene presented by the Kohler kitchen campaign, we shot the most flashy circle of friends with a 120 degree bullet around the space.

Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon wonderful live scene: "Kohler kitchen big fight" photo area

In the "quick, cool breeze" photo experience area, enjoy the cool feeling of Kohler products.

Kohler 2019 the Great Wall marathon wonderful live scene: "quick, cool breeze" experience area

Apart from these, children can also dress up their mothers with Kohler washbasin and dressing cabinet in the "dressing up with Mom" beauty outfit.

In the "sweet family" to build a bike, use the power of love to make a sweet cotton candy, and use the "round your life" twist machine and "you are my navigation" doll machine to win Kohler little gift... Each wonderful interaction point can feel Kohler's warm companionship to their family members.

Full horse terminal, professional runner service

For all horse runner, professional body relaxation is more necessary. At the end of the horse race, the large Kohler home is meeting the needs of runners for post games service and comfortable rest.

After finishing the glory of the race, the runner can first let Kohler drink the spray sprinkler sprinkled with sweat, return to the clean and refreshing before the competition, and then use the Kohler professional water purification system to create a fast cooling treatment in the foot bath area to relieve the muscle soreness after exercise. Afterwards, the Kohler water station provides high quality water to drink, so that the body of water can recover in time, and finally enjoy the real kneading technique of a Kohler massage sofa.

2019 the the Great Wall marathon is the first marathon event in Beijing this year. It is sponsored by Beijing track and field association and Beijing Huairou Sports Association. It has organized 4 groups including the super marathon, the whole marathon, the half marathon and the mini marathon. The track has passed through five classic scenes of Huairou: nine valley mouth the Great Wall, Yan Qi lake, Hongluo Temple, lavender manor and Hongluo Temple.

As a great event for runners and families, we hope that more families will "love to run" and include sports as part of the family health plan. Kohler will always protect millions of families with high quality products and healthy concepts and continue the theme of "love accompanying" life.

[Kohler background]

Founded in 1873, Kohler, the world's kitchen and bathroom brand, was founded in Wisconsin, USA. Today it has become one of the largest and oldest family businesses in the United States, and now has more than thirty thousand employees. Kohler has made great achievements in the four major fields of kitchen and toilet, power and dynamo, interior decoration, hotel and golf, and has become the leading brand in the world.

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