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Education, medical and AI are breaking the table - 2019 days of new product launch, 3 days.

2019-05-18 15:19. network Wen Wen

Beijing, the 3000 year old city of Chinese history and culture, has the label of all the great cities. It has a long history, well-developed economy, cultural prosperity and innovation.

As the core driving force of the new round of industrial change, artificial intelligence is becoming a new focus of world competition and a new engine of economic development.

Thanks to the rapid economic and social development and the growing demand for education and medical care, how can intelligent education and medical applications blossom in Beijing, with the help of AI? The famous intelligent voice and artificial intelligence listed company, the Beijing University of technology, has delivered such a reply. Over the years, the University of technology has been using AI to help intelligently develop the city development model of the city. 3 days later, the 2019 new product development conference will be launched in the next 2019 days. Let's look ahead together to see how the HKUST flew the A.I. application scene of education and healthcare into the "ING mode" and its artificial intelligence in promoting the sharing of high-quality social resources.

A.I. explores innovative education paths together with top prestigious schools

If A.I. meets with media and culture in Beijing, this three thousand year old city has more and more international vision and local feelings. When A.I. meets people's livelihood such as education, medical care and so on, it will make Beijing's fireworks smell even more granular. Because A.I. can come to Beijing, which every Beijing citizen can perceive.

Such a scenario is no stranger: "I never thought that during the period of studying in the Central People's Congress, we could still use such a good course selection system".

It is very common for students to concentrate on course selection, resulting in system Caton or even platform collapse. The course selection system of the University of HKUST avoids these problems.

In September 2017, the reform of the new college entrance examination in Beijing formally came into being. How to arrange the appropriate timetable based on the existing teacher and classroom resources, according to the combination of twenty classes of students, is a difficult problem.

As early as April 2017, the Central People's Congress attached to the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China and signed a cooperation agreement with the University of technology. The two sides agreed to carry out multi-faceted and in-depth exchanges and cooperation, jointly explore the new teaching mode under the background of Internet + artificial intelligence, and promote the innovation and application of information technology in education reform, and help the modernization of China's education reform.

Nowadays, after a lot of calculation and repeated running in, the new course selection system is generally welcomed by teachers and students. This is only the first achievement of cooperation.

With the reform of the national college entrance examination pushed out nationwide, the career development plan should be considered earlier, and the "new college entrance examination full scale solution" developed by the University of HKUST is to evaluate and understand its development tendency by means of relevant diagnostic tools and measurement scales, so as to help him make decisions without coming. It is understood that the program has already provided services to students from middle school attached to the National People's Congress, middle school twelve in Beijing and secondary schools affiliated to Beijing Institute of Technology.

It can be seen that the construction of the University of technology, the University of technology, is aimed at the two level of the district school, providing the whole scene product system suitable for the new central college entrance examination reform, covering the "teaching evaluation and management innovation", and signing the strategic cooperation agreement with the middle School of the people's Congress, Bayi school and Beijing twelve.

In addition, another important application exploration of Beijing University's flying media intelligence education is the English listening and speaking teaching and testing platform.

Under the background of the reform of college entrance examination in English, the platform is based on the intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology developed by HKUST, which is a comprehensive examination and teaching solution Integrating English listening, speaking, teaching, learning, examination and evaluation. At present, this platform has been widely used by schools in Tongzhou District, Fangshan District, Yanqing and other districts of Beijing.

A.I. reduce the rate of misdiagnosis and leakage rate of medical guidance robot.

A.I.+ education helps young students grow. As another major concern area for people's livelihood, medicine is also actively embracing A.I. technology.

In the lobby of Noda's outpatient building in 301 Hospital, Beijing, there were originally six or seven guided nurses, because only two or three people were needed to guide the robot.

Based on the technology of intelligent speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding, the guidance robot can understand 656 hospital locations, 1463 common inquiries and 3068 smart triage through voice question answering and touch screen input.

According to the survey feedback data, a guide nurse has a daily service volume of about 200 people, and the guidance robot can interact more than 5000 times a day, which can serve more than 1000 people.

As a large general hospital, 301 Hospital in Beijing has also worked with HKUST to explore new products to improve the experience of medical treatment. For example, "history collection", during the patient's line number, through the tablet PC, cell phone, robot system, to understand the basic history of the patient, including illness, past history, family history and allergy history. When the patient comes to the doctor, the doctor can understand the basic information and condition of the patient immediately, and can save valuable doctors time for more targeted problems, and save the time for doctors to write reports.

Some doctors play an important role in promoting the application of A.I.+.

A doctor in a hospital in Beijing described the patient's left chest symptoms when he filled out an ultrasonic B-scan diagnostic opinion, but the result was mistakenly written into the right chest. Because of this small slip of the pen, the patient has been in hospital for a long time. After such an experience, the director of the department took the initiative to find the HKUST flight, hoping to achieve the ultrasonic quality control of the electronic medical record through the A.I. technology of the University of technology, and reduce the risk of medical record errors.

At present, there are many famous hospitals, such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, which have adopted electronic medical records. With the help of artificial intelligence speech technology, in the process of communication and examination, doctors and patients can display the content of doctor-patient communication in real time, and automatically generate structured electronic medical records.

Because of the higher quality control level, the electronic medical record quality control function can also find common sense and logical errors similar to the above description of "left chest, right chest", or "inferior vena cava width of about 2.6 (c) m", so as to reduce the occurrence of clerical errors.

Xiao Yi robot in 301 Hospital of Beijing

As early as July 2017, the "new generation of artificial intelligence development plan" formulated by the State Council from Beijing has sounded the horn of the country to vigorously promote artificial intelligence technology.

When the pointer of time points to 2019, people have come to the first year of large-scale application of artificial intelligence. In the capital of Beijing, products and applications such as "A.I.+ education" and "A.I.+ medical treatment" have been successively bearing fruit. This 3000 year old cultural city has become more open and more A.I..

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