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First month rent free! Small bear U rent & Jingdong enterprises buy hard core help enterprises easy office

2019-05-18 11:40. network Wen Wen

With the shift of China's Internet focus to the industrial Internet and the rapid rise of enterprise services, innovative modes, products and services help enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency, becoming more and more enterprises' "just need". On the occasion of brand establishment 1st anniversary, the leading IT office equipment operator, U, hired Jingdong to buy and rent computers for the first month, helping enterprises to operate light assets and achieve easy office.

As we all know, office equipment is the necessities of enterprises, and is often a great expense. If we can not reasonably control the cost, it will bring a great deal of business pressure. Jingdong enterprises can effectively improve efficiency, reasonably control and control costs through purchasing enterprise level e-procurement platform, so that enterprise procurement can become sunny, efficient, simple and happy.

And the lease mode is the separation of usufruct and ownership, allowing enterprises to lighten their burdens quickly and lighten them effectively. Small bear U rental system based on credit, the introduction of credit free lease, can reduce the huge amount of capital occupation, reasonable control of enterprise costs, while reducing equipment management and IT technology services investment, so that enterprises save money and worry, focus on improving core competitiveness.

From May 18th to May 30th, U will hire Jingdong customers to launch the first month rent free certification campaign against corporate customers. As long as the enterprise customers log on to bear U rental platform and receive the first month rent free coupon, you can enjoy the Thinkpad free business monthly discount. For example, the popular model Thinkpad T430, the market price is 3000 yuan, the purchase of 3 units needs a one-time expenditure of 9000 yuan, while in the small bear U rental enterprise leasing platform, the monthly rent is only 90 yuan, the use of the first month rent free coupon, enterprise customers can use computers for 0 yuan in the first month, can save a large amount of equipment procurement costs.

For a long time, bear U rental has not only won the strategy of highly competitive products, but also created excellent customer experience with professional service. At present, based on the self built self service system, U can rent 2 minute response, 20 minutes door-to-door, repair failure within 2 hours, and service ability leads the industry. After the B round of financing, the U will further strengthen the construction of the intelligent service system, promote the layout of the national service outlets, and accelerate the upgrading of the coverage radius of the "2 kilometers" VIP class service.

IT U, the main operator of the office equipment operation of the U, is committed to solving the real pain problem of enterprise operation. The enterprise is a light asset. Since its establishment, it has been committed to making enterprises easy to work. In addition to constantly improving the product system, building industrial chain closed loop, providing credit free lease, free door-to-door services and other solutions for the business customers, the joint Jingdong bought and sold the first month rent free activities, which is also aimed at benefiting more business customers, allowing enterprises to enjoy a more relaxed office experience.

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