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Ruixin COFCO NASDAQ hits the market and hits Asia's record this year.

2019-05-17 22:21. beijing evening news TF017

Nasdaq:LK, a new retail coffee chain in China, was successfully listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in May 17th. It issued 33 million ADS, priced at $17 each, underwriting the company's excess allotment rights and adding 50 million dollars in the synchronized private placement, raising a total of $695 million in capital raising, with a market value of US $4 billion 250 million, becoming the largest Asian company in the NASDAQ IPO financing this year.

Three coffee masters and executives ringing the bell

Three WBC champions from Italy, Japan and China have struck the opening bell of the company that symbolized the company's landing on NASDAQ. The three are also the chief coffee masters of Rui Xing coffee. They have conveyed to the outside world that the company adheres to the idea that product quality is supreme. At the IPO bell site, Rui Xing coffee founder and CEO Qian Zhi Ya also released the Rui Xing coffee manifesto.

Rui Xing coffee manifesto said: good coffee is not expensive. Rui Xing coffee insists on making good coffee for everyone to drink and drink. It pays more attention to the quality of products. From 2018 Italy Milan IIAC golden bean to the world's top coffee equipment, then to master craftsman, Rui Xing coffee is in sync with the whole world; Rui Xing coffee 89.6% is a repeat customer.

As the fastest growing coffee chain in China, Rui Xing coffee has created a new world record less than two years from the establishment of the company to IPO. Qian Zhi Ya said, "IPO is an important milestone in the development of the company. Rui Xing coffee will continue large-scale investment in product R & D, technological innovation, store expansion, brand building and market cultivation in the future. In a long time, it will adhere to the strategy of high speed expansion, stick to the quality and promote the equal rights of coffee consumption."

Bob McCooey, chairman of the NASDAQ Asia Pacific region, said: "Ruixing coffee's core business has been injected into the mobile Internet technology. Its new retail mode can break the status quo of the traditional coffee shop. As the largest Asian company to raise funds this year, Ruixing coffee is built on the differentiation strategy and strong growth. We are pleased to see it join the world's most innovative company in the NASDAQ family". "Bob" Newspaper reporter Meng Huan

Brief introduction to Rui Xing coffee.

Rui Xing coffee is headquartered in Xiamen. It was put into operation in January 2018. As of the end of March 2019, it has built 2370 stores in 28 cities, such as North Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. By making full use of the new retail mode of mobile Internet and big data technology, Rui Xing coffee has solved two major pain points of high price and inconvenient purchase in China's coffee consumer market, providing users with high quality, high cost performance and high convenience products. In December 2018, the coffee beans of Rui Xing coffee were awarded the gold medal at the 2018IIAC international coffee appreciation competition in Milan, Italy. By the end of 2019, the company plans to build more than 4500 total stores and become China's largest coffee chain brand.


Source: Meng Huan, Beijing evening news reporter

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