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Orange alert mechanism is launched at capital airport in severe thunderstorms

2019-05-17 20:35. beijing evening news TF017

In May 17th, the capital airport suffered severe thunderstorms, which seriously affected the normal take-off and landing of flights. As of 19:50, the capital airport's incoming and outbound flights had been cancelled by 22 sorties.

Photo taken: Zhang Yujun

On the afternoon of 17, at 16 o'clock, thunderstorms gradually moved to the capital airport and continued to grow. At 17:50, the Capital Airport started the non normal coordination mechanism of the transportation management committee. North China ATC launched a large area of flight protection procedures and MDRS (flight emergency response mechanism for large area delays) yellow alert and large area flight reserve procedures at 18, and carried out various security work ahead of schedule. At 18:40, the capital airport immediately encountered severe heavy rain, strong winds and hail and severe convective weather. The capacity of the capital airport dropped by about 50%. North China ATC upgraded the MDRS yellow alert mechanism to a red alert. The controller informed the crew in real time about the current weather situation and trend of change, and the take-off and landing of the field, so as to fully protect the flight safety of the aerial circling waiting and flying aircraft.

In May 17th, the capital airport projected 1589 sorties in and out of Hong Kong, including 791 sorties and 798 sorties, and estimated 5576 sorties in the North China region. As of 19:50, the capital airport has implemented 629 sorties of incoming flights, and has implemented 521 sorties of outbound flights. According to the forecast of the North China ATC Weather Center, the thunderstorm process at the capital airport will end at 21:30. The western and northern parts of the terminal area of Beijing will be covered by thunderstorm before 23 and will affect the operation of the flight.

Affected by thunderstorm weather, today's capital airport flight plan has changed greatly. The North China ATC indicates that passengers can understand flight information through various channels and arrange travel reasonably.


Source: Meng Huan, Beijing evening news reporter

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