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The fast musician program helps to find good friends.

2019-05-17 20:13. New Vision Network TF017

"I want to remember your appearance, like fish remember water hugs, like clouds in the sky." Recently, you can often hear this song when you open your fast hands. Like fish, released in December 2018, after nearly half a year of fermentation, good music is heard by more people.

It is understood that "like fish" in the cool dog music list of 48 consecutive days, ranking has soared to 14, called the original network song in a dark horse. On the fast track, "like fish" currently has a playback volume of 26 million 518 thousand, about 50 thousand of the cover version, and 3 million 450 thousand of them are "like fish" as the background music. But no one could have imagined that the original singing king of the "quick blow" song was not born in the class.

Wang Er Liu was born in Shandong in 1998. She was the boss of a fried chicken shop when she was just 20 years old. Because of his love for music, Wang Lei often uses short videos to sing songs on fast hands and other platforms. With his singing achievement, Wang Erliang not only boarded many musical charts, but was once regarded as a music student. Although it is already a small celebrity, Wang only knows that what she wants most is a song that really belongs to her.

"Thanks to your concern, the first original singles finally went online. I do not want to complain about the difficulty of this path, because this is only the beginning, life is not easy, it has always been. When "fish like" is on the fast track platform, Wang Erlang is not easy to feel the music road under her fast video. Fortunately, there are still many partners accompanying her. Wang Erlang said, "I will cherish the hardships of all these things, and let my voice accompany you in this impetuous day without reservation."

Now, Wang Er wave has become a real fast musician. It is such an ordinary girl who loves music and has a good singing performance, attracting 2 million 167 thousand fans' attention on the fast hand. "Wang Er Liu's three words, it is worth our constant support for her" is the best praise for fans.

Finally, Wang Liang's "like fish" has also become a song on the fast track platform. "The waves are very hard and it's not easy. Although she is much younger than me, I learned a lot from her. The quick Music Man Wang Hu two expresses his support for Wang Er wave by singing "like fish" in his fast track account. At the same time, there are more fast musicians joining the "voice" cover up team.

In addition, there are also some fast hand old iron players who like the original music works of fast musicians, and also like "fish like" into their video works. In slow motion, the water comes out of the bottle, with the music like "fish remember the embrace of water", revealing the deep feelings in the heart. The fast hand user "Liu Gongzi (handwritten)" released this quick hand works currently has 455 thousand of the broadcast volume. Only a few hundred fans of "Liu Gongzi" can get hundreds of thousands of broadcasts, showing that "like fish" in the fast platform.

Once Wang, the owner of fried chicken shop, changed his dream of music to step on the higher steps of the music road. In addition to their talents and persistent efforts, there is also a series of support schemes such as the Pratt and Whitney values of fast platform and fast musicians.

Everyone who loves music can upload his original works to the fast hand platform. Under the equal flow distribution mechanism, every fast musician can find "Bo Le" and "bosom friend". At the same time, in the process of recording and sharing, it can also get great rewards. If you also have your own persistence and love for music, "Fast Music Musicians" can make more people hear your voice, maybe your original works will become the next burst.


Source: North evening New Vision Network

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