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Surprise! The European hotel has developed such 5 IP theme rooms?

2019-05-17 17:55. network Wen Wen

Whether for contemporary social elite or in the past, hotel consumption is becoming a standard in more and more people's work life. Relevant statistics show that in terms of annual per capita spending of hotels, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Xi'an have all entered the "ten thousand dollar era". So, those hotel rooms that we spent 10000 yuan in those years, do you still remember their appearance? Can get reach their interesting soul?

As a matter of fact, the hotel industry has a "good skin bag", including many high star hotels, whose user experience is more satisfied with functional consumption like "sleeping well" or "environment tall", or increasing some brand sense, but the excavation of emotional consumption is still relatively limited. Now, the LAN Ou hotel of the Shang Mei life group can obviously attract guests by its value. Instead, it will create the Nile gifts, angel tracks, fantasy Museum, Greek calendar, and 36 krypton 5 IP theme rooms by giving the guest rooms the artistic soul and ingenious use of symbols, such as hieroglyphs, angels and sculptures. So you read a lot of rooms, which one will you remember first?

"Mysterious wind", the gift of the Nile

Water is the source of life. There are tens of thousands of rivers on earth. The Nile is undoubtedly the longest river in civilization, and the longest river is the most cultured. Here are the wonders of the world, the Egyptian pyramids, the ancient hieroglyphs, the Pharaohs who seek eternal life, and the anus of the wolf head. At the same time, the ancient Egyptians also loved to "torture the soul". They believed that the human soul consisted of 9 parts: Jb (heart), Shuyet (shadow), Ren (name), Ba (personality quality), Ka (vital vital force), Khat (body), Akh (immortal self), Sahu (judge), Sechem (another form of Akh's immortal self).

In the IP themed guest room provided by the Nile River, the ancient Egyptian elements that the guests can think of are carefully arranged in the guest rooms, such as walls, bedding, ornaments, toilets, lamps and lanterns, and hanging paintings. The main colors of the rooms are the same bronze in Pyramid, which makes the guest rooms look the same old and mysterious, and the occupants can reach their fingertips. I believe that living in such a "soul guest room" can not only experience the heavy sense of the Nile history and cultural and artistic connotations, but also have a new experience of crossing the body and mind.

The track of "beautiful wind" angel

In the Bible and other Western religious and artistic classics, angels are heavenly messengers, an important link between God and human beings, and the embodiment of holy and good. In modern life, the symbol of aesthetical beauty is full of "blessing", the combination of lovers, and the initial crying of the newborn. It can always remind people of happiness.

In terms of spatial layout, the "angel track" created by the LAN Ou hotel is highly consistent with the IP themed guest room such as the Nile River. At the same time, the distinct visual elements also highlight different styles of painting, such as the use of pure white, heaven, angel portraits and other elements, so that the guest room is filled with a beautiful and sanctity atmosphere, thereby increasing the well-being of the guests.

Fantastic fantasy

"Fine wood will fill the sea". Unlike the Nile civilization mystery, the mysterious forces from the East do not have any artistic conception. This mystery is more closely related to nature, mostly embodied in elements such as rare animals and birds, mountains and rivers, and so on. It is contained in the ancient books of weird spirits. It is the common creation of nature's magic work and the ancients' brain cave.

Therefore, the "Museum" of the IP theme guest room of the fantasy Museum has adopted the atmosphere of dark green, especially the wall layout of the head of the bed is very thick and heavy. In addition, the electric curtain in the guest rooms is designed to match the main tonal. From these small details, we can see the intentions of the IP theme rooms. If you live in the IP Theme Room of the fantasy Museum, then open an Oriental Fantasy drama such as Legend of Sword and Fairy and the ancient sword and tan, or adjust yourself to the state of "emptdown" after being busy and busy, you will surely be able to start an interesting and fantastic journey.

Greek classic

When it comes to the birthplace of Western classical art, "language must be called Greece". Its sculpture and architecture have a profound influence on the whole world. In addition to the Athens Acropolis, the Athena goddess and the discus thrower, the Olympic and marathon are also born here, and Aegean Sea has become a myriad of lovers' Pilgrimage and eternal love.

In order to fully embody the dignity and elegance of Greek style, the IP themed guest room of Greek ceremony focuses on carving elements. All the display on the table, wall mounted and cupboard are all transplanted in the classical art field in proportion. At the same time, the guest room takes into account the harmony of IP elements and modern hardware such as smart TV, making its classical beauty more prominent on the whole.

"Future wind" 36 krypton

As an art business hotel brand, the hotel also combines 36 krypton to create a 36 krypton IP themed guest room with "technology sense" and "future wind". One is the key brand that carries the vision of "leading the new and better life" of the Shang Mei life group. One is the famous technology investment media, "let some people first see the future". In the overall style, the IP theme guest room has adopted the 36 krypton brand tone, and has made the most concise design processing. At the same time, it has added artificial light to other guest rooms in the IP theme rooms, making the guest rooms more close to the space form of "future + technology".

The above 5 IP themed guest rooms are not simply decoration designs. They are the sincere works of the opening ceremony of the "Hotel + art" boutique by the LAN Ou hotel. They have also become an important facade since they were listed. Looking at the whole hotel industry, it is only just beginning that more guests will meet the hotels that are good looking skins and interesting souls.

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