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Hotel industry runs through Internet mode.

2019-05-17 16:45. Central Broadcasting Network Wen Wen

What kind of chemical reaction will be brought to the Internet by the "push" mode that is commonly used in the Internet?

Recently, the brand new millennium hotel brand in China has launched an Internet based innovation for Tradition Hotel's marketing mode. A hundred BD group has been set up. In view of the newly opened hotel, 3-10 km of O2O merchants, travel agencies, business units, wedding companies, teaching and training providers, and high speed railway, airport, passenger transport hub and other traffic dense area merchants have been concentrated to sweep the streets and sweep the floor to help the hotel get members and agreement customers.

Mode innovation is of great significance to the hotel industry.

The Chinese hotel industry is essentially in the stage of oligopoly monopoly. The key point of Tradition Hotel joining is brand empowerment, and the brand side is in a strong position.

The promotion and application of the effective push mode of the Internet in the hotel industry has pioneered the industry. In other words, in addition to brand empowerment and store upgrade, Qian Xun will extend service to soft empowerment first, and help investors to improve their performance and escort new brand's climbing period free of charge within 1 months before and after the opening of their own team.

According to the owner leaf of Suzhou shop owner, after 1 months of light transformation plus ground push, the hotel's RevPAR (each sales revenue) increased from less than 86 to 162.95, ADR (average house price) rose from 140 to 202.94, OCC (occupancy rate) rose to 80.29%, the month directly generated 127 between the predetermined night, and the next month was scheduled to reach 480.

The "ground push" effect is immediate in the attempt of the thousand Ridge Hotel in Suzhou. Li Guo, manager of Suzhou thousand Grand Hotel, said that online and offline marketing greatly stimulated demand. Performance data began to loiter in April, with 97 hotel rooms. At present, 25% of the rental market is available in May.

Mode runs through the backbone, and the owner eats crab first.

It is understood that, from Ali, Baidu, the United States regiment, hungry, and so on, the 5 Internet Co executives are the strong support for the development of the "push mode". Thousands of under the line sales manager Lou Ling far revealed that during the upgrading of the hotel, Qian Xun will send 5 BD team to help the hotel develop the whole city agreement customer. At present, the BD team has more than 100 people, distributed in 20 cities throughout the country, and is expected to grow to 1500 people in the year.

Lou Lingyuan introduced that in April, the Suzhou group completed the issuance of 10000 leaflets and 5000 coupons, completed 100 advertising posters on the core business district billboards, placed 25 Yi Lai Bao exhibition stands in different industry businesses, completed 3297 new members, signed 249 agreement customers, and completed 50 quality replacement businesses.

Photo: push team to place materials at the door of cooperative business

With a full range of channels, a full range of agreements, covering customers, and assisting the store manager to do a series of initiatives such as the follow-up maintenance of different industry cooperation channels, the company aims to lock up the overnight target of the cooperative hotels by providing "150-300 nights per person", with a view to quickly building the brand industry visibility and shortening the hotel climbing period with short term and efficient operation.

Through offline promotion and sales, Qian Xun will open up B and C terminals, while helping franchisees to improve their performance. In the words of Qian Chao CEO Zou Weigang, Qian Xun meets the higher level experience needs of C consumers, and starts from the leading role of the B terminal industry, bringing the industry's new gameplay.

In the "push" mode of operation, the hotel industry can be called the first. Qian Chao said that the move is widely applied in the Internet industry and the effect is excellent. For the Chinese hotel industry that maintains the traditional mode of operation, Qian Chao can run the Internet through the Tradition Hotel industry. It can be seen as injecting fresh blood into the industry. It is hoped that the industry can improve the efficiency of the industry and embark on a fast development path.

Photo: Lou Ling, the head of sales under the line, explains the push mode to investors.

Capital empowering China's new Midway Hotel ushering in a new pattern

Qian Chao also revealed recently that he provided a 100 million yuan wind fund and chose the appropriate hotel owners to create a new middle end hotel. During the year, he helped 300 Econo Hotel to complete the stock upgrading, polish the product strength, enhance the operation and services, and push the industry forward as a whole with the idea of new business.

"We are preparing for the next round of capital injection, and soon there will be information disclosure." Zou Weigang CEO disclosed. It is said that the first 100 cooperative hotels will pay more attention to several data indicators to ensure that a single store has enough traffic to tilt.

Data show that, as the middle end brand of the shell friends, Qian Xun was born in March 21, 2019, and now owns three products, namely, thousand Kwang light house, thousand Kat Hotel and thousand S, which correspond to different styles and room volume. In the first month of March, it was launched in ten cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Wuhan, Hefei, Taizhou and Jining.

Founded in July 2017, the shell family, in less than 2 years, has won four rounds of financing, including Gao Rong capital, real fund, Yuan Yuan capital and dipping investor Wang Gang. In March this year, the shell friends' cooperation with the global Unicorn OYO capital provided a strong guarantee for the continuous injection of the company.



Source: CNG network

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