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Beijing Tiantan Xili ten private hospital in the color steel room tenants become more and more downstairs into a courtyard.

2019-05-17 14:08. beijing evening news TF011

Mr. Liu, who lives in the ten courtyard of Xili, Tiantan, Dongcheng District, has recently reported to the newspaper that there are dozens of private colored steel houses under the first floor, which are used for rent. Some live in people, some are used for stacking up debris, and the environment is very messy. These color steel houses are very close to residential buildings. They not only occupy the road of residents' travel, but also have great potential safety hazards.

The reporter came to the ten yard of Xili, Tiantan, and found that the north side of Building 1 formed a long passageway with the courtyard wall. After hiding in the residential buildings, these small houses are hard to find. There are 13 bungalows. Some are made of colored steel plates; some are built with brick walls and colored steel plates; and other materials are used to use waste building materials, such as waste cartons, warm bottles, plastic bags and wood boards. At 4 in the afternoon, there was a lock on the door of a bungalow. But the pots and pans stacked from the doorway and the air-conditioners hung outside the windows can see that some people are living here. "These bungalows are all rented out. The tenants are selling vegetables, some are peddlers selling pancakes, and others are takeout little brothers. By the evening when they came back, they were busy here, and all kinds of takeaway trucks, pancake cars and bicycles were all parked in this narrow passageway and blocked the road. Mr. Liu said.

Reporters noted that the first building is about 10 meters away from the courtyard walls, but occupied by more than a half of these cottages, leaving the aisle less than 2 meters wide, and even unable to accommodate a car to pass. "Once the fire broke out or someone suddenly became ill, the road could not even fire or ambulances." "These tenants are cooking and cooking all over the house, and all the lampblack floats upstairs. At night, they dare not open the windows at all." Residents living on the first floor complained to reporters.

So when did these cottages come into being? Mr. Liu told reporters that these cottages should be built around 2002, when these buildings were built, temporary housing for workers. After the building was built, the temporary housing was not demolished. Later, it was seen that no one was in charge, and others built several colored steel houses nearby to rent outside.

Subsequently, reporters on the residents reflect the problem linked to the streets of Tiantan. Wang Yongwu, captain of the Tiantan Street Town Management and law enforcement team, responded that they had sent people to the scene to check the situation. The staff took photos of these bungalows and asked the community staff to know when the cottage was built, who built it and what its purpose was. Wang Yongwu said, judging from the appearance of these bungalows, they are not built in a time frame.

Wang Yongwu told reporters that according to the procedures, the urban management and law enforcement team will carry out the area measurement and location drawing of the 13 bungalows, and send a letter to the Dongcheng District Planning Commission. The District Planning Commission will confirm whether the bungalow belongs to the illegal construction. If we confirm that the bungalow is illegally constructed, the urban management and law enforcement team will talk to the landlord and issue the notice of dismantling illegal construction within a specified time, and ordered him to demolish illegally built buildings within the prescribed time. At the same time, the streets will also organize relevant departments to do ideological work for homeowners. If overdue demolition, the urban management and law enforcement team will carry out on-site inspection, after the investigation is clear, submit relevant reports to the relevant departments of the district government for approval of compulsory demolition. After the approval of the relevant legal departments, the decision on administrative enforcement shall be issued. In accordance with legal procedures, the relevant departments of the sub district offices shall be demolished illegally.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhu Yingshuo and Wen he

Process editor: tf011

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