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Beijing Kang home district fire passage "reborn" North clear park area clear forbidden stop sign

2019-05-10 13:42. beijing evening news TF008

In April 9th, the 12 edition of the newspaper published an investigation that "breaking fire hazards is not an excuse". Residents reflect that there are fire hazards such as corridor piled up, fire channel occupied and so on.

After the publication of the report, the relevant district committees and territorial streets attached great importance to the property rights unit, and ordered the centralized cleaning of the pile up materials. In May 4th, the reporter came to the Kang home district to pay a return visit. The building No. 18, which had been blocked by fire by debris, has been reborn. The toilets and cabinets stacked in 15 staircases have disappeared and the corridor is clean and unobstructed.

Located in Xicheng District's North Lu Garden District, the fire channel of the community was re scribed and clearly identified. The reporter saw at the north gate of the residential area that the door of the fire passage which was originally blocked by motor vehicles drew a clear stop sign. The "flying line" that was seen everywhere in the community is now missing.

"Now it is more comfortable to go out, I hope the community can regularly clean up the corridor." Residents of Cao said that communities and property in time to clear up the debris of the building, a variety of "waste" was retreated, but also to the residents of the impact: "the original doorway can be so clean, we need to guard together."


Source: Wu Nan, Beijing evening news reporter

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