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"Think tank exchanges" promote international cooperation and take part in the "think-tank exchange" sub forum.

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Yesterday (April 25th) afternoon, Jiang Jianguo, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, said that a total of 300 delegates from more than 60 countries and regions attended the "think tank exchange" sub forum, and 143 representatives from outside China. A series of important consensus and fruitful results have been formed through the frank dialogue and in-depth exchanges between the theme of "sharing human intelligence and promoting global development" and the 4 topics.

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Series supporting activities

Promoting international cooperation

Jiang Jianguo said that the sub forum was divided into two groups: think tanks and media, and heated discussions on issues such as "one belt and one road" planning, docking and international rule system building. The "think tank exchange" sub forum is an exchange of ideas and wisdom, so as to further promote the international cooperation of "one belt and one road".

Jiang Jianguo introduced the Forum on "think-tank exchanges". The Central Propaganda Department has organized the first council meeting of the "one belt" news cooperation alliance, the founding conference of the international think tank cooperation committee of the "one belt and one road", the 5G+4K International Forum on communication and innovation, and a series of supporting activities produced by the Ministry of propaganda under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, including the "future building" and the "wise man on the belt". It has created a good atmosphere for the second summit.

182 media in 86 countries

Join the news cooperation alliance

Fang Jiangshan, deputy editor in chief of the people's daily, said that after the first "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum, the people's daily had extensive contacts with the media of various countries, and communicated on matters related to the establishment of the news cooperation alliance, and invited the willing media. Up to now, a total of 182 media from 86 countries have confirmed that they will join the alliance, and this figure may increase. In order to ensure the efficiency of the alliance, the coalition Council is composed of 40 media from 25 countries.

The "one belt and one way" news cooperation alliance is a news cooperation network and a link to connect each other. It is also a new platform for Humanistic cooperation and a big family that warms you and me.

Establishing "one belt and one road"

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Zhang Sutang, vice president of Xinhua news agency, said that many Chinese and foreign experts suggested that the Xinhua news agency should undertake a platform for cooperation and promote the normalization and institutionalization of the "one belt and one way" international academic exchange. To this end, the Xinhua News Agency jointly launched 7 Chinese think tanks and 8 foreign think tanks, such as Bulgaria, the "one belt and one way" National Association. The general assembly was held in Beijing in April 24th. 260 guests from nearly 60 countries and more than 130 think tanks attended the inaugural meeting. The think tank cooperation committee will strive to create three platforms: academic exchange, subject collaboration and information sharing. A "one way" research fund will be set up, a website client will be set up, and relevant academic journals will be set up.

Think tank "friends circle" up to more than 100

Zhang Ye, director general of the International Liaison Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, said that the Information Office of the State Council of China signed a memorandum of understanding with Kampuchea, UAE, Brunei, Nigeria, Yemen and other 11 relevant departments to promote news exchange. China has been increasingly closely communicating with the media members of the jointly established country. In the past two years, nearly 100 batches of news delegations have exchanged visits and interviews. Over the past two years, China has provided nearly more than 50 thousand free training places of news technology for the jointly built and developing countries.

Zhao Jianguo, director of the Bureau of international communication of the Central Propaganda Department, said that the global strategic think-tank of Institute of Social Studie and China's 46 think-tank libraries have carried out deep cooperation. The "one belt and one way" think tank has reached more than 100 friends circle. In addition, 36 central enterprises and more than 110 foreign think tanks and international organizations have established various cooperative relationships including research and brand promotion. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has trained nearly 5000 high-level scientific and technological personnel for the countries and regions along the "one belt and one road".

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