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The foreign minister of Iran thought Trump had no intention of going to war and proposed to sign an agreement with the Gulf States.

2019-04-26 12:56. beijing evening news TF022

"President Trump has a plan, but he is being tricked and is falling into a trap." Javad Zarif, Minister of foreign affairs of Iran


Javad Zarif, Minister of foreign affairs of Iran, Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Ahmed Harabisas)

Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif said 25 days ago that US President Donald Trump did not intend to fight with Iran, but was "decoy" by subordinates and allies and had the possibility of a conflict with Iran. Zarif also extended "olive branch" and proposed to swap "detainees" with the US and sign non aggression agreements with the Gulf States.

Zarif participated in an activity of the Asian think tank of the US think tank in New York, USA, saying that Trump opposed spending huge sums of money in fighting overseas. If the war between Iraq and the United States started, the US would spend "7 trillion dollars" and "even fall into a bigger calamity". (Xinhua News Agency)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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