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The first real treasure dream movie "the great detective pekayu" is about to be released.

2019-04-26 10:06. beijing evening news TF008

The world's first real Pokemon movie "great detective pick Kha" held a press conference in Beijing, which will be released nationwide in May 10th. Director Rob Lightman, starring Ryan Reynolds, Justis Smith, Catherine Newton and the chinese dubbed ray Jiayin appeared in full.

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At the press conference, director Rob Lightman deciphered the creation process of the world's first real treasure dream movie. He said: "when the legendary film industry found us, I think this is a challenge, which will make the global popular treasure dream based on the same name game adapted from the original, and become a story that is easier for the audience to understand. So we've got the world's top production team, and finally put the dream of life into the big screen.

Ryan Reynolds greeted Chinese fans in the tone of "old acquaintance" as soon as he appeared. "I am very happy to be able to come to China second times in five months, and I am very familiar with everything here." Speaking of his first experience in dynamic capture, he said: "I rarely play this kind of real face capture movie. I do not seem to be able to perform without leaving my home. But in fact, the most interesting thing is dubbing around the world, because the director's film studio in Losangeles, Abu Dhabi and Italy "grabbed me" and then dug into the dubbing shed to dub.

At the press conference, Lei Jiayin sent a famous fan with a large detective Picacho to welcome the creator from afar, and Ryan Reynolds couldn't help expressing his thanks to the gift. He said: "when I heard and dubbed the same role in Ruian, I thought it was a good opportunity. At the same time, it is also a great honor for the great detective to pick up the two of us. Ryan Reynolds introduced to the audience: "detective Picacho" is a love letter to Picacho and Po can dream, to express the love and love of boyco dream. The producers of this movie really care and love the world. I believe this is something you can feel from every frame of the movie. It conveys things that are very important to me, such as love, loss, evolution and family. I hope everyone will enjoy our movie. "If you like the English version dubbing, then I hope you also like and support the Chinese version," he said.


Source: Li Li, Beijing evening news reporter

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