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Fast fashion brand Forever 21 announces closure of official website and flagship store of Tmall Jingdong

2019-04-25 21:06. beijing evening news TF003

Constantly emerging clothing "shop tide", one after another has been declining fast fashion, gradually popular domestic personality tide brand. The reshuffle of international fast fashion in Chinese market is continuing. In April 25th, the US fast fashion brand Forever21 official website, Tmall and Jingdong flagship store issued a notice respectively, saying it would suspend operation from April 29th, and deal with merchandise returns from now until May 30th. "Thank you very much for your constant support and attention. We will temporarily close the business as a result of the adjustment of our international business strategy." Forever 21 Tmall customer service told the Beijing evening news reporter that although the announcement announced that the operation was suspended in April 29th, Tmall flagship store can only handle the return business and no longer accept new orders.

2 discount on physical store discount

On the afternoon of 25 th, the reporter came to the Forever 21 entity store located in the first and two floors of the Xihongmen poly center in Daxing District. It found that the store was full of red and SALE discount promotions, and a billboard was displayed prominently on the first floor of the gate with 80 percent off promotions. The reporter noticed that a sweater with an original price of 199 yuan has been labeled with two layers of discounted price, and the final price tag is only 49 yuan.

The Forever 21 entity store, located on the 2 level of Yau Tang shopping center, is even more discounted. The label of "full price merchandise 75% off" is posted on the merchandise shelf. "It cost 90 yuan to buy 14 clothes, and the price of 7 small tickets is 0 yuan. Is it 75% off times?" A customer said that such a special clearance clearance surprised himself, "however, because of the excessive discount, the locker room has been closed, and the right time can only be put on the spot."

However, Xihongmen gathering center shop has not yet seen signs of withdrawal. The staff told reporters that at present there was no notice of withdrawal, but it was estimated that the end of the year could not be reached. "At present, we are no longer on the new product, mainly promoting the existing goods. At present, the sales volume of the two floor sales is not optimistic, and the discount is not as low as 80 percent off.

Sales slump into closed shop

Up to now, Forever 21 official has not issued a statement that it has withdrawn from the Chinese market, but the customer service staff of its official website told reporters that although the announcement was "temporarily closed", it could not be opened again, but directly withdrew from the Chinese market. "Sales decline is the main reason for closing stores. Compared with H&M, Zara and other fast selling brands, sales of Forever 21 are not optimistic." Forever 21 staff said. Reporters found that Forever 21 official flagship store only 1112 months of the highest single product sales, while H&M official flagship store's monthly sales of single products can exceed 20 thousand.

It is worth noting that Forever 21, which has more than 800 stores in 57 countries around the world, has been in a negative position in recent years and has been tightening its own business. In the domestic market, Forever 21 has been closed in stores in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Xi'an. On the international market, Forever 21 has closed many stores in Amsterdam, Dublin, Sydney and other places, and has announced that it will withdraw from the Japanese and Belgian market. In addition, Forever 21 has been accused of trademark infringement by Puma, Gucci and Adidas since last year.

Fast fashion days are tough.

Reporters found that there are more international fast fashion brands similar to Forever 21, which are experiencing a difficult "closed shop" trend. TOPSHOP, the UK's fast fashion brand, announced the closure of Tmall's flagship store in November 1st last year, and the New Look, a British fast fashion brand, also announced that it would withdraw from the Chinese market at the end of last year and shut down the remaining more than 120 stores in China. The annual report of fiscal year 2018 disclosed by Zara parent company Inditex also showed that group sales increased by 3% to 26 billion 100 million euros, which was further slower than the 9% increase in 2017 fiscal year, and the worst growth rate in nearly 5 years.

Behind the fast fashion days is the escalating and increasingly rational consumption of the public. "Buying clothes is not necessarily foreign. The moon must be more round." Ms. Gu told reporters in the Forever 21 store that despite the great discount, she did not "Amoy" to the satisfaction of the product. "From the fabric and design, many fast fashion brands do not wear, or no texture. From the cost performance, there are now more domestic brands and independent designer brands to choose from."

Source Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu edited Feng Rui

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