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The theme bank card of World Horticultural Exposition, Beijing is issued today. The card is made of degradable and environment-friendly material.

2019-04-25 16:42. beijing evening news TF010

Bright flowers, thousands of trees, Fangfei April days. Reporters learned from the Bank of Beijing this afternoon that Beijing bank, as the sole financial partner of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, has officially launched the limited edition "World Horticultural Exposition thematic UnionPay card" with China UnionPay. The theme UnionPay card has two cards, one debit card and one credit card. Cardholders can enjoy "full bonus" in World Horticultural Exposition gardens, and online shopping can enjoy exclusive activities such as "full quota reduction".

The "World Horticultural Exposition theme UnionPay card" card is based on the background of "Beijing Tiantan, China Pavilion and International Pavilion". The main elements of the world garden mascot are "little budding and small sprouting flowers", showing the beauty of nature and gardening. At the same time, the card adopts degradable environmental protection materials, and actively advocates a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly green lifestyle.

Beijing bank's relevant person in charge said that the World Horticultural Exposition theme debit card provides tariff relief and preferential service. The theme credit card provides free credit insurance, exclusive Commemorative Banknote and other service rights and interests. It also works with China UnionPay to carry out exclusive activities such as credit card "full bonus" and "shopping at full scale" on the line shopping in World Horticultural Exposition garden, providing customers with a wealth of preferential consumption experience and intimate financial services.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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