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Beijing Chongwenmen underground passage ladder has been suspended for nearly 5 years, renovation work is about to start.

2019-04-25 13:18. beijing evening news TF008

The installation of automatic escalators in underground passages is intended to provide convenience for the public to cross the road. However, after the installation of rolling staircases, they fail to use them all the year round, resulting in serious waste of resources. Recently, Mr. Lee, the public, told the municipal government service hotline 12345 that there was an underground passageway between four corners of the flower market intersection between Dongcheng District West Flower Market Street and Chongwen Gate Street. 3 of them were equipped with automatic escalators. It was puzzled that the 3 trapezium was dummy and had been suspended for nearly 5 years. Nearby residents hoped that they could be restored to use as soon as possible.


3 rolling staircases stopped for 5 years.

Apart from the southeast corner of the market, there is no automatic escalator at the flower market intersection. The other 3 are equipped with automatic escalators for up and down the two rows. However, they are all in a state of shutdown at present. Located in the northwest corner of the underground passage, because of the safety risk of rolling ladder, the reporter saw the scene has been blocked by planks. The raceway entrance to the southwest corner and northeast corner is still open, but the condition of the roller ladder is very unsatisfactory. There are not only stains in the gaps of the pedals, but also various kinds of rubbish, such as melon seed skins, fruit cores, small stones, etc.

Ms. Li, who passes by here, is very puzzled: "good elevator is not maintained by anyone, nor is it allowed to be used. In this case, I really don't understand why I had to install it here." It's really expensive and laborious. "

The four corners of the flower market are large commercial centers. Search City, new world department store and national Swiss shopping center are located at various junctions. In addition, there are many office buildings and residential areas. Xiao Wu, a distribution worker, began taking over the takeaway distribution in Chongwenmen area at the beginning of last year. Because of his work needs, he had to go back and forth on Chong Wai Street every day. He had to go up and down dozens of times on these streets. Little Wu Yue.

The impact of rolling staircase on the elderly is even greater. Liu is going to be 80 years old. Yesterday afternoon, it had just rained. The pedals of the ladder were very slippery. He walked up the steps with his arms up, so as not to be slipped, and he had to stop for a short rest every two or three steps to go on. It's very inconvenient for an elderly person to have no elevator. I often pass from here. The time for the elevator to be stopped is not too short. How can it be 5 years? " He said helplessly that sometimes his legs were really inconvenient, and he could only "take risks" and cross the road. People familiar with the road conditions know that the lot of traffic and the short interval between the traffic lights, such as Liu Lao Zi, such inconvenient old man, often just walk to the middle of the road, the signal lights change, they can only risk in the traffic flow, the safety hidden danger is self-evident.

Probe into

Elevator has no use condition.

The reporter learned from the Dongcheng District municipal management committee that the underground passage was located at Chongwenmen to magnetic head section of Chongwen outer gate Street. It was built in the 90s of last century. The channel was organized by the former Chongwen district government organization, and the property rights of the underground passage were transferred to the former Beijing municipal engineering management office.

After the merger of new Dongcheng District with Dongcheng District and Chongwen District, some institutions were adjusted. The original management office of Chong Wai Street has been revoked. The original Beijing Municipal Engineering Management Office has also been revoked. Now the property rights of the underground passageway belong to the subordinate department of the Municipal Traffic Commission. The 3 groups of rollers will be discontinued around 2014. After testing by professional organizations, it is found that these elevators are seriously aging and have no use conditions.


The elevator repair work is about to start.

"We also received the surrounding residents to reflect the long-term failure of the elevator, which affected pedestrian crossing." Dongcheng District City Management Committee responsible person said, for this reason, Dongcheng District City Management Committee has applied to the city traffic Commission, the maintenance of the underground passage to Beijing underground passage management department, into the normal maintenance management, and repair the elevator. The official said that during the operation of the elevator, the underground passageway has further strengthened safety tips and protective measures, and daily inspections to ensure pedestrian safety. The next step will be to start construction here.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Nan Liu Lin intern division Yue


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