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Beijing Haidian Ding Hui Dongli District fitness zone change parking lot, ten property is not able to manage.

2019-04-23 14:11. beijing evening news TF022

"It's warm. We don't want to smell the tail gas and keep fit." Yesterday, the elderly in Haidian District Ding Hui Dongli District reflected that many parking lots had been stopped in the fitness square since the beginning of this year. One morning and one night, motor vehicles in the Fitness Zone pass through, there are more security risks. Reporters learned from the community neighborhood committee that the relevant parties are working hard to solve this problem.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Ding Hui East Lane, the fitness square has stopped many cars, private cars along the fitness equipment area stopped into a row, the elderly are exercising "car ass". Before a long bench, a medium-sized van made the residents frown most. Before the evening rush, the kindergarten opposite the fitness square was closed, and the grandparents led the children to play. They shouted, "don't run, there's a car!" On the one hand is the noisy children in the fitness square. The other side is the vehicles that follow and follow. The driver follows the horn and goes back to the car.

The old people in the community told reporters that the fitness Plaza became a "parking lot" and was just beginning. As the weather became warmer, the elderly and children had longer outdoor activities, and the problem became more prominent. "A fitness place, residents should be" steamed "by the car engine, exhaust fumigation, too uncomfortable.

"I want to talk about security." A child's parents told reporters that sticking to the fitness square is the vegetable station in the community. Every morning, there are many non residents driving into the fitness square to buy vegetables. From the beginning of the year to now, the parking spaces in the fitness square have been increasing. Residents are worried that if they are not managed again, they will eventually become a real parking lot.

When the residents responded, they did not have property management. But when interviewed by reporters, they found that there were not only one property but also one property. An interesting phenomenon is that although there is no barrier bar in the cell gate, there is an electronic parking management system in front of each building. The big sign in front of the building reads, "no vehicle is strictly prohibited in this courtyard", but the name of the property company is different. The parking conditions in the small building are in good order, but the main roads outside the building are not satisfactory.

Why does the management of small buildings "separate their own affairs"? Reporters interviewed the neighborhood committees. The staff told reporters that Ding Hui Dongli is an old residential area with many property rights units, so there are 10 property units in the District, each of which manages their own buildings. By contrast, the management power of public areas is relatively weak. Residents are strongly concerned about the occupation of vehicles in the fitness square, which has attracted the attention of the streets and neighborhood committees.

There are two documents in the office computer of the neighborhood committee, one is the parking management plan for the community, and the other is the parking demand statistics table of the public space in the community. The completed statistics form records the extra parking demand of the car owners in the neighborhood. Staff members said that in order to solve the problem of vehicle occupying in the fitness square, the eight Li Zhuang Street urban management section, residential community committee, residential property and property rights units had been negotiating and opened four promotion meetings. Next, the district will set up additional security gates. First of all, the residents' parking benefits will be protected. Then, according to the demand statistics table, residents will scientifically plan parking spaces and remove the ground locks. Through reasonable planning, let the community fitness square restore its original appearance.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming and photograph

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