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Beijing East Fourth and Jinsong add trash bins to facilitate public investment

2019-04-23 13:19. beijing evening news TF008

In March 20, 2019, this newspaper published a report on how many meters to throw away the garbage on hand. It is reported that some of the crowded public places or the number of bins on both sides of the road are too sparse, which makes it difficult for the public to throw away the rubbish. Recently, the reporter has learned that in order to improve the current situation of the west section of Dongsishitiao and the low density of litter boxes in Jinsong South Road, Dongcheng District has installed three refuse bins in the west corner of Dongsishitiao and the southeast corner of the East Fourth intersection, so as to facilitate the public to throw garbage. Chaoyang District has added 28 fruit boxes to Jinsong South Road, reaching the standard of 50 to 60 meters in average.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: tf008

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