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Wu Lei's debut for the Spanish team has not yet been released for the first time.

2019-04-22 11:10. beijing evening news TF022

In the thirty-third round of Spanish Liga last night, the Spaniard left the game 2 to 2 against the team. In the whole match, Wu Lei did not get the chance to play in the bench. Obviously, after a recent transformation, Wu Lei is not as strong as the Spanish team before.


Wu Lei (right) information map Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Juan Gosa)

Last night against Spain, Ruby, the Spaniard boss, continued to play 442 formation, which has won two consecutive wins in the past two games. It is good for the team to win, but the new formation is not good news for Wu Lei. Prior to the Spanish daily sports newspaper pointed out that the 442 formation, the team's avant-garde began to play a role, such a new formation can make the avant-garde often close to the other forbidden area, get the opportunity to shoot, but the front line, Wu Lei and both have been affected. However, from the current situation, Wu Lei suffered the greatest impact, because Borja's position is still very stable.

In addition to the array of variables, Wu Lei's recent poor state is also an important reason why he did not get the chance to play. Wu Lei was the first player in the match against Alves, but from the statistical data, he shot and passed 0 times, touched 10 times and passed only 7 times. Under such circumstances, Wu Lei was placed on the bench last night.

For Wu Lei, a rare break is not a bad thing. In 2018, Wu Lei participated in more than 50 games on behalf of Shanghai's Hong Kong and China national team. After finishing the Asian Cup, he joined the Spaniard almost "seamless" and quickly began playing for the team until he finally got some adjustment time during the Chinese cup. However, Wu Lei and Chinese fans must also face the reality. The strength and level of the Spanish Liga game is there.


Source: Li Li, Beijing evening news reporter

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