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Beijing ancient city street office: soon to complete all the monitoring circuit repair and equipment debugging.

2019-04-17 13:08. beijing evening news TF008

In March 27th, the 13 edition of the newspaper published a survey of "monitoring too many eyes". Residents reflected that many surveillance cameras in Gubei Road District were "blinded by eyes", and residents could not access images and data. After the publication of the report, the ancient city Street Office attaches great importance to speeding up the progress of the related work. At present, the problem has been solved.

Earlier reports

In April 3rd, when the reporter visited the District, he saw that the 40 monitoring probes in the district had resumed work, and the monitoring room of the street office could grab the real-time picture of monitoring at any time. "The streets installed 898 video surveillance points in the district in 2014. At the end of 2016, the main lines of monitoring in many communities were cut off because of the operation of overhead lines. Xing Wanli, who is in charge of infrastructure work at the office of the ancient city street office, told reporters that "the sub district offices did many coordination in those years, but they failed."

The Ancient City Subdistrict Office applies the optical fiber to the pipe gallery to the city management department, and officially began construction in September 2018. In April 16th, Xing Wanli told reporters that "all line repairs and equipment commissioning must be completed before Friday".


Source: Zhou Mingjie, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: tf008

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