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At the time of outing, the garden is full of flowers, such as spring flowers, Grand View Garden, Longtan Park, Shichahai, etc.

2019-04-11 13:36. beijing evening news TF008

Yesterday, this newspaper reported that outside the southwest gate of yuyuen Tan Park, someone posing as a parking toll collector charged a high parking fee to tourists. Subsequently, many people called the newspaper to reflect the parking problems encountered in the park outing, and the reporter made a follow-up visit.

Illegal parking on the roadside in the sea area.

Shichahai periphery

If you want to experience the old Beijing customs and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the spring, it is natural for the sea area to be suitable. However, the old town has a lot of land and a lot of cars.

Yesterday evening, the reporter walked along the fire De Zhen Jun temple to the scenic area. Along the way, many private cars could be seen on the sidewalk. Coming to the east side of Qianhai, the diners who came to the restaurant even turned the car on the sidewalk, ignoring the monitoring probe installed here. At the intersection of crow and Hutong, three private cars heading for different directions have stopped for a day, occupying the less spacious sidewalk, and residents can only staggered through the road.

In fact, there are many regular parking lots around the scenic spots, such as the three dimensional white rice skew street parking lot, the underground parking lot at the lotus market gate, the north parking lot of Houhai in the dew dew alleys. However, due to the limited area, the number of parking spaces in each parking lot is not large, and every weekend or holiday is even more difficult. The white rice skew street parking lot has four floors, 32 solid parking spaces, and 3 new energy charging piles. There are only 50 parking spaces in the underground garage outside the lotus market, and the system is open all day. The manager told reporters: "if you want to drive to Shichahai at weekends, you must be early. There will be no parking after 9 a.m. Of course, it's best to take the subway and bus. "

Longtan Park East Gate

Longtan East Road in front of the east gate of Longtan Park is a two-way two lanes, with no parking signs on the roadside and no parking spaces on the bicycle lanes. Reporters here observed that although there were not many visitors from the park, people were parked on their bicycle paths at regular intervals.

The owners got out of the car and walked into the park with their family members, as if they did not notice the prohibited parking signs on the side, and some vehicles had been given a ticket. According to the sanitation workers who are responsible for cleaning, when the weather is good, there will be many private cars on the long lane road.

Illegal parking at the east gate of Longtan Park

Once the non motorized driveway is occupied, the cyclist can only ride on the motorized lane, which will also affect the operation order of the road. People who often come to park exercise say: "it's very convenient to get to the bus in Longtan Park. I hope everyone will come to the park by public transport."

Near the Grand View Garden

There is a similar situation in the Grand View Garden. Although all the signs on the surrounding alleys are covered with "No Parking" signs, it is difficult to stop the phenomenon of random parking. Security guards near the north gate of Daguan garden told reporters that there was a lot of traffic chaos in the area every day. The rush hour was even more serious. "There are often traffic police to paste tickets, but there are drivers who don't bother to stop here. Last weekend, seven cars were posted."

On the north side of the Grand View Garden, the west gate of the right gate, there will be visitors stopping at the weekend.

There are three entrances to the Grand View Garden. There are toll parking lots on the roadside beside the south gate and west gate. However, the parking space is limited, so many tourists parked the car on the roadside or in the alley, thus blocking the travel routes of the surrounding units and residents. In order to cope with the phenomenon of illegal parking, many units even set up signs of "No Parking" at the gate.

In fact, the transportation of the major parks in Beijing is very convenient. For example, there are subway lines 6 and 8 on the sea area, and there are many buses to Longtan Park and Grand View Garden. If you choose to drive your own car, you must travel staggered, civilized parking, choose a regular parking lot, not only to maintain order in the scenic area, but also to ensure a good tourist experience.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen Intern Zhang Xue Zhang Jiayu Wen and photo

Editor: tf008

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