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Beijing Yuyuan Tan west gate "black parking lot" has been investigated by the police, and now it is counterfeit toll collector.

2019-04-10 14:09. beijing evening news TF008

Yuyutan Park, which is full of flowers, is a must for many citizens to visit in spring. Reporters daily investigation found that the park outside the southwest of the flood control channel not only illegal parking full of private cars, there are fake parking managers charge here. Shortly after the opening of the Yuyuan Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, the police seized 3 illegal criminals posing as parking toll collector to collect parking fees and gave administrative detention according to law. What I did not expect was that so soon the counterfeit toll collector appeared.

The flood control passageway could not stop, but it was full of private cars. Some people took the opportunity to pretend to be illegal parking fees.

The toll collector stood at a junction of 300 meters outside the southwest gate of yuyuen Tan Park. When a visitor drove the car to his front door, he stepped forward and removed the cone from the door. He pulled out his cell phone and opened the charged two-dimensional code into the progressive cab, confirming the charge and then putting the tourist's vehicle through. Through many days of unannounced visits, the "toll collector" who wore civilian clothes and did not wear any documents entered the reporter's eyes many times, until this morning, he was still charging.


Fake administrators are still charging today.

At the gate of the park, a tourist who had just stopped a good car told reporters that the toll collector demanded 30 yuan fare for them. Tourists rush to park in the park, and when they hear this seemingly reasonable price, they pay the money directly.

"We do not know that this is not a parking lot. He said that we would pay the money and we didn't need any invoices. It's so difficult to park nearby. It's not easy to have a parking place. " The owner said.

Reporters noted that there was a parking sign at West Gate of yuyuen Tan Park, prompting motorists to turn around from Hangtianqiao to a nearby parking lot. But after turning around, a large number of owners rush to find parking spaces and turn on the auxiliary road, so it is easy to enter the parking lot.

The parking lot is located under the bridge of West Third Ring Road. It belongs to the flood control channel of the Yongding river diversion canal. The vehicles that were originally not supposed to stop in the flood control passages were full. In the interview a few days ago, reporters saw that because there were no parking spaces, a large number of private cars staggered together. The flood prevention passageway was very narrow, and there were a large number of pedestrians and non motorized vehicles nearby.

The staff of nearby units told reporters that this flood control passage was not allowed to park. Reporters saw that there were also several signs on the side of the road that were no parking. "So many cars are parked in this passageway, not only are their cars easy to cut, but also occupy the flood control passageway, which will also affect the flood prevention and rescue vehicles. This is a big safety hazard." Several nearby residents said.


"Black parking lot" has been investigated and dealt with.

In fact, only one iron fence gate was separated. Haidian police arrested 3 illegal toll workers shortly after the opening of the Cherry Blossom Festival. At that time, the police received a report that when the people came to Yuyuan Tan to admire the cherry blossoms, they were led to a section of the West Third Ring Road by a man who was wearing a parking toll uniform. When they left the car, they found that the parking fee was up to 50 yuan per hour or even higher.

The owners realized that they had been reported to the police immediately after being cheated. The police locked 3 suspects through the investigation. The 3 people posing as toll collectors introduced their "black parking lots" to the people who came to the park, and then made profits through high fees. After investigation, the police found that the black parking lot set up by these 3 people belonged to the flood control channel and was not allowed to park. 3 people were also punished by administrative detention.

In the interview, the park staff said that some of the people who came to the car liked to park their cars in west gate. In fact, it was more difficult to park near the West Third Ring Road. The park's north gate is relatively small because of its low flow rate and hidden location. "But we still recommend that we take public transportation such as bus and subway to visit the park."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen Intern Zhang Jiayu

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