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"Scattered blocking" vegetable market disappeared in Beijing, Fangshan, Changyang, over 9 percent of residents satisfied with "dredging and promoting" effect

2019-04-08 13:30. beijing evening news TF008

When the Changyang town of Fangshan District was retreating, "scattered and blocked" the open market, we promptly deployed the convenient service outlets, so that 94.78% of the residents were satisfied with the effect of "dredging and promoting". The responsible person said that this year, the Changyang area plans to build 22 convenient commercial outlets, in addition to selling convenience supermarkets such as vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities, it will also increase domestic services, convenience restaurants and other outlets. Up to now, 22 convenient commercial outlets have completed 15. The demand of residents has been satisfied and no longer depends on the procurement of open market. The open market of "scattered and blocked" has disappeared in Changyang.

Changyang region began to grow rapidly since 2012, Xinhua news agency information map

Located in the eastern part of Fangshan, Changyang District, due to convenient transportation, gathered in the new district and began to grow rapidly since 2012. In a short span of six or seven years, the resident population has surged from seventy thousand or eighty thousand to nearly 300 thousand. After the large population has settled in, consumer demand is inevitable. In the vicinity of Tiantai new scenic area, the surrounding roads of Changyang international city and the surrounding roads of the international garden, the open-air vegetable market has gradually begun to spontaneously form in recent years.

A total of 7 residential areas were gathered around the Yihe North Road, with a total population of twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Zhang Baojun, a resident of the Jun Liu Zhuang District, told reporters that since 2015, considering the inconvenience of shopping, the district has started a convenient morning market in the broken road on the front of the residential area. "The morning market signed an agreement with the peddlers, which can sell vegetables and fruits from 7 a.m. to 12 noon, but all the venues must be emptied before noon 1 o'clock, so it can't annoy the people and can't affect the environment." Then, the good times did not last long, and the convenience market in front of the front of the Jun Liu Village attracted the nearby merchants. "Twenty or thirty meters from the gate of the community gate, and along the sidewalk to the traffic lights, the pedestrian walkers are crowded with food stalls and customers. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the driveway. The merchants often set out before dark, and no one picked up the rotten leaves and garbage in one place.

With the continuous improvement of regulation and promotion, clearing up the stubborn disease of the open vegetable market was included in the list of tasks in Changyang. The vegetable market is gone. Where can I buy vegetables? Zhang Baojun said that from the nearest Yonghui supermarket in the Jun Liu Zhuang District, a young man with a good foot would have to spend half an hour running round and round. "If you go to the old age, it will take one hour to go to and from the supermarket."

Taking into account the needs of residents, in July 2018, that is, when the market of the Nostoc Yee Road was retreated, the Party branch of the Jun Liu Zhuang village vacated the entire floor business of the village committee, vacated more than 600 square meters of space, and invited a whole category of convenience supermarkets.

Seasonal Toona sinensis 10 yuan 3, cabbage 5 yuan two, naked oats 5 yuan two... In the supermarket, called "Han Guo Sheng" convenience center, the reporter saw that apart from vegetables and fruits, it also specially developed fresh meat, seafood, soy products, condiments, cooked food, staple food kitchens, dairy products and daily necessities. "On the 365 day, basic daily necessities can be bought almost everywhere." Li Yanchun, the head of convenience micro center, told reporters that the business hours of supermarkets continued from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. Vegetables and fruits could supply nearly 100 varieties every day. In addition, the "three fruit three dishes" were launched as special sales promotions every day, and the daily traffic volume could reach more than 2000 times.

"In February this year, 94.78% of the residents surveyed were satisfied with the survey on satisfaction degree of work done in Changyang. The mayor of Changyang town stretched out to tell reporters that dredging and promoting work should focus on enhancing the satisfaction of the masses. Since the beginning of this year, 1941 of the 12345 towns in Changyang have been handled. Next, the high demand of the people will be included in the work focus of Changyang town.



Source: Zhang Nan, Beijing evening news reporter

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