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Many zombie cars in Beijing need to be cleaned up: why not move away without scrapping and lack of human resources?

2019-03-27 13:57. beijing evening news TF022

The streets and lanes are getting better and better, but the zombie car is a big surprise. Moreover, during the gradual refinement of parking management in Beijing, the existence of a large number of "zombie cars" is a serious waste of parking resources. Yesterday, the relevant reports of this column aroused concern. Many readers reported to the municipal emergency rescue service center 12345 and the Beijing letter and visit office that there are many such cars around their residential areas.

One question: why does "zombie car" not move? In order to occupy the parking space.

Located in Xicheng District, the silverwall street in the North rises from Mulam street, South to South Heng Dong Street. It is about 650 meters long. The two sides of the street are full of vehicles. Residents reflect that many of them are stationary for a long time, or they are either a layer of soil or a ragged one. These cars include motor vehicles, freight electric vehicles, and elderly scooters.

Zombie car in powder glass Street

The location of the phenomenon is relatively concentrated, located in the south of the silo street. Before entering the street, I could see a broken old scooter on the roadside, not far from a rusty express tricycle. The security guard being inspected said that these vehicles were indeed parked on the roadside for a long time. Some of the vehicles belonged to the courier companies in the street, some of them were electric vehicle enterprises, which were not easy to move away, so that they occupied the parking spaces. Reporters took a few trips back and forth to the silver-colored street. In the north of the street, they saw a vehicle with a foreign license and cracks on the body. The surrounding residents said that the car was also occupying for a long time.

During the interview, the reporter found a three wheeled motorcycle with a closed body. The shape of the motorcycle is similar to that of a car. The body is full of sludge and dead leaves. It looks through the glass and is filled with debris. "Stop here for more than a year. Who dares to manage?" The security guard said helplessly. "What's wrong with the car?" When the voice of security remained intact, a resident came up.

The resident told reporters that the three wheeled motorcycle was his car, because it was burning oil. According to the relevant regulations, it was no longer allowed to go on the road. In order to comply with the regulations, he could only park the car nearby. It has been here for two years and has been used as a small warehouse. At present, there is no plan to move away.

"We don't have many families in this street. Where do we get so many cars?" Speaking of parking conditions in Hutong, the residents also expressed their dissatisfaction. He said that the whole street is now being used by many enterprises and foreign licensed cars as parking lots. Many cars do not go for years, affecting the residents to park and travel for a long time. "What's wrong with your own car?" Hearing the reporter's question, the resident said he thought he did not violate the rules because he lived here.

It is understood that for the zombie car problem, territorial Street offices have begun to pay attention and set up a vehicle clearance team. According to the survey, the worst vehicle condition in the whole street is an old Jetta. At present, the vehicle clearance team has posted a notification letter on the vehicle.

Also troubled by the "zombie" problem, there are residents of Chaoyang District's FA Tsui Tsui City Xinyuan. According to them, there is a path about 400 meters long on the south side of the intersection of the golden cicada road and the FA Dao road. This road is not wide, one lane up and down two lanes, and there are quite a lot of vehicles coming and going every day. It should be a little richer, but the 5 zombie cars that have long stopped on the roadside are crowded.

These 5 zombie cars include cars, van and van. The tyres of these vehicles were mostly deflated, some wheels were lost, and some of them had obviously collided. Several cars were lying on the side of the road askew, and all their bodies were covered with small advertisements.

Mr. Wang lives in the north of Xinyuan garden, Cui city. He told reporters that every morning and evening peak, because the "zombie car" occupying the road, this section of the road is particularly blocked, the two cars miss the car a little bit, the rear car can only wait in line, 400 meters of the road sometimes have to walk more than 10 minutes.

Two question: why is "zombie car" not scrapped? There are many reasons for this.

Some residents reflect to 12345 that several zombie cars in Xicheng District red lotus garden area need to be cleaned up. They are distributed along the road side of the community, the side of the fitness square and the garden of the residential area. Reporters learned from the suburban streets that these zombie cars are expected to be cleaned up.

Zombie car in green space of red lotus garden

Yesterday, reporters came to the red lotus garden area. The "zombie cars" mentioned by residents were mainly distributed in building 6 and around the fitness square. Some of the vehicles had no bumpers, and the interior of the car was worn out. Some cars have become warehouses, and some cars have become "advertising walls". In the garden on the east side of building 6, the reporter found an old section of Xiali, which is like taking root and sprouting in the green space. The surrounding green plants have been crushed by the iron sheet.

Mr. Li lived in the district for more than ten years. According to his recollection, these "zombie cars" began to appear in the residential areas 7 years ago. "Some cars are private cars of residents in the community. When they were not, they were put in the district and did not be scrapped." Mr. Li said that the emergence of these "zombie cars" has seriously affected the residential environment and destroyed the greening of residential areas. Now the number of private cars is increasing. These "zombie cars" occupy valuable parking spaces in the community.

The reporter learned from the neighborhood offices of the district and district offices that the streets will upgrade the whole environment of the red lotus garden area next month, including road renovation, greening upgrading, and seepage brick laying, and these zombie cars will be dragged out of the residential area.

In the interview, many residents mentioned how a good car turned into a zombie car. It is understood that vehicle performance is getting worse and the cost of maintenance is too high, which is one of the reasons for vehicle owners' abandoning. After many years of use, some of the vehicles have been seriously reduced, some of them are close to scrapping, some of them have had traffic accidents, and the owners are not able to get rid of them, so they are disposed of in their spare parking spaces.

Some owners, because the vehicle involves a large number of illegal, no payment of fines and late fees, the amount has exceeded the old car price, so the right to throw garbage. Other owners forgot to carry out vehicle annual inspection, and missed many times, so that vehicles could not travel on the road, resulting in eventual abandonment.

Three question: why is "zombie car" missing? Expert advice linked to credit reference system

A large number of "zombie cars" occupy the space, causing more tension in parking spaces, and there may be security risks. Faced with many disadvantages, although many residents call for cleaning up and renovating "zombie cars", the actual effect is not satisfactory.

According to the reporter, "zombie car" is not strictly defined in the law, and the vehicle belongs to the private property of the citizen. Only the vehicle owners have the right to deal with it. Therefore, the problem of "zombie car" touches the details and is very difficult.

Is there a better way to deal with zombie cars?

"I think it can be linked to the credit information system. Only in this way, can the owner have the power to solve this problem." Qi Zheng, a lawyer of Beijing Yun An law firm, said that although the zombie car had no clear legal definition, the owner ignored the "zombie car" and affected the municipal traffic, which was harmful to the public interest and a tort. The road management department can solve this problem by way of prosecution, such as the illegal existence of parking vehicles and no parking fees. Once the owners enter the blacklist, they will have a great impact on their lives, so that owners must face up to the problem of "zombie cars".

The key to deal with the zombie car is not whether he owns private property or private property is not disposed of. The key is to see whether it infringes public interest. Zhu Tao, a researcher at the Academy of social development strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the disposal of zombie cars should be divided into different situations, mainly depending on the location of the zombies. If they were stopped in public areas, such as parking or parking in the park, the traffic control department or even the garden management department had the right to dispose of it.

Some cars have been parked in the residential area, which is related to the neighborhood committees. It is necessary for the neighborhood committees to coordinate the industry committee and the relevant authorities to enforce the law.

This also involves a key problem, that is, we must determine illegal or infringe upon the public interest. It is worth noting that it is necessary to publicize within a certain range and not to get up and drag the car away. It should give the owner a buffer time.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Zhang Chun Chen Qu Jing Wei Wen and photo

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